Who'll find love on our date? It's Charlotte, 28, and Amir, 33

Who’ll find love on our virtual date? This week it’s Charlotte, 28, and Amir, 33, but will romance be on the cards?

  • Every week, FEMAIL pairs up two singletons to date before they report back
  • For their virtual blind date, Charlotte, 28, and Amir, 33, ordered a takeaway pizza
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Primary school teacher Charlotte, 33, (pictured) has been single for three years and was looking for a ‘down to earth’ person


Single for three years, no children.

CURRENT ROLE: Primary school teacher.

WOULD LIKE TO MEET: A great communicator who is down to earth, self-assured and confident. 

I’m the type of person who needs lots of laughter and affection.



LIKED? Talking to Amir was so easy.

REGRETS? None at all.

SEE HIM AGAIN? Absolutely, yes!

Charlotte, 28

Dating Past?

I’ve had one long-term boyfriend. I was 18 and we were together for three and a half years.

I’ve never been on a blind date before, but I have been on virtual ones. It’s not as good as meeting in person. 

It can take a while to discover whether or not you like someone.

Pre-Date Nerves?

Not at all. I love meeting new people and I find dating exciting. 

My friends were excited for me, too. I suspect I’m their lockdown entertainment.

First Impressions?

Amir is tall, handsome and intelligent. His hair has grown out during lockdown, but when I saw pictures of his short hair, I told him I preferred his current look.

Amir is so polite and respectful. There were no awkward silences, conversation just flowed easily.

Easy To Talk To?

Amir was frank about addressing the fact we come from different cultural backgrounds. 

It can be an awkward topic for some people, but it just wasn’t an issue for me. I thought, ‘Good on you’ as it says a lot about him.

Poor Amir had to listen to me rattle on about my progress in buying my first house. 

He’s an estate agent, so I thought he could give me some tips on dealing with an issue about the suggested asking price — and he did. 

I even called a few days later for more advice, and we spent another hour talking.

On our date, I ate Japanese food with a bottle of rosé wine. Amir went for pizza and beer.

Embarrassing Moments?

Initially my rather formal teacher name came up on my Zoom screen!

Did Sparks Fly?

I think so. We were matched really well as we’re similar people with shared values. 

Amir suggested we swap numbers and we’ve been talking ever since.

Would you like to meet in person?

Of course! I’m in Sheffield and Amir is in Surrey, but we agree that we’d rather create a future with people we get on with than settle for someone local but average. 

Amir studied in Sheffield, so he knows the area well.

What do you think he thought of you?

Amir told me he thinks I’m absolutely perfect. 

Apparently I made him laugh a lot. He said I’m awesome, beautiful and cool. I feel the same about him.

Would your family like him?

Oh yes. My mum’s boyfriend is a huge Sheffield Wednesday fan and so is Amir. It was yet another tick from me!

Estate agent Amir, 33, (pictured) has been single for eight months and runs a mile from ‘materialistic women’


Single for eight months, no children.

CURRENT ROLE: Estate agent.

WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Someone blonde and tall, as I’m 6 ft 1 in. 

I’d like her to be kind, genuine, down to earth and clever. I run a mile from materialistic women.


LIKED? Charlotte. I haven’t had so much fun in a while.

REGRETS? Not being able to meet in person.

SEE HER AGAIN? Definitely.

Amir, 33

Dating Past?

I was in my last relationship for 18 months and when we split I was keen to be on my own for a while — I wasn’t ready to meet anyone new. I started dating two months ago, and I’ve been on a few virtual dates this year.

Pre-Date Nerves?

I felt OK, but with hindsight I should have thought more about what I’d like to eat. I ended up ordering a last-minute pizza and picked up some beers.

First Impressions?

Charlotte is good-looking, blonde and tall. For the date she wore a gorgeous dress and looked classy. I definitely find her attractive. 

She is kind, friendly and she made me feel at ease. It was a real treat being matched with her.

Easy To Talk To?

Charlotte is funny and made me laugh. She has a casual, light-hearted sense of humour. I also got to meet her cat, Harry, who is rather cute.

We’re very different people, though. I spent much of my 20s living in Dubai, where I built an international commerce business before returning to the UK last year. 

Whereas Charlotte has stayed in Sheffield to pursue her career. 

But what was so refreshing was that neither of us has come across someone quite like the other.

Embarrassing Moments?

As the date started, I thought we’d be introduced, but we both popped up on screen were just left to it. 

I was a bit taken aback, but Charlotte didn’t seem to mind, and started chatting straight away which I thought was cool.

Did Sparks Fly?

The chemistry was definitely there. We’re from different backgrounds, I’m a southerner and Charlotte’s a northerner, but it didn’t make a difference.

Would you like to meet in person?

We exchanged numbers and we’ve already talked about meeting up when we can. 

I found her someone who was really cool and really nice. 

I’d be mad not to pursue things with Charlotte.

What do you think she thought of you?

Charlotte will probably say I’m polite, that I can hold a conversation and I’m friendly and mature.

Would your family like her?

Yes. Charlotte has all the qualities of a really good human being. 

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