When should you wax before a holiday and how do you avoid bumps? We ask the experts

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Coming in second place only to the actual trip is the pre-holiday ritual of beauty prep beforehand. (Just me? OK).

But when you’ve put yourself through the discomfort of a wax, you no doubt want the finish to be as smooth as possible for when you finally reach the beach. So, when should you wax before a holiday?

We asked beauty therapists fromTreatwellsalons for their expert insight about the best time to wax before a holiday, and how to ensure that you stay bump-free.

When should you wax before a holiday?

Don’t book the appointment for only a matter of hours before you head to the airport. “To be able to enjoy smooth skin throughout your holiday I’d recommend getting a wax two to three days before break for the best results,” says Shimol from Guys & Dolls in London.

You also want to have grown out the hair you plan on evicting – around the length of a grain of rice is a good aim. “This is ideal because it allows the wax to get a better grip on the hair and pull it out directly from the root, rather than the hair just above the skin,” Shimol confirms.

How do you avoid bumps when you get a wax?

“Try to keep the area clean, dry, and moisturised straight after the appointment, as this can help reduce irritation until the skin has recovered from waxing,” Shimol says.

As for keeping any bumps at bay in the days that follow, it’s all about giving your skin some TLC. “Moisturising and exfoliating daily will help to keep ingrown hairs and bumps at bay,” says Amanda from London’s Beyond Bronzed salon.

Using an exfoliant like the TikTok famous First Aid Beauty Bump Eraser, £26 here, a couple of times a week is a great way to keep a smooth canvas.

Any other waxing tips?

“A really big one for me is absolutely no shaving in between waxing,” Amanda stresses. “It allows the root to regrow and it’s most definitely more painful when you start waxing again. It just takes you back to square one.”

“I also always tell clients to take paracetamol an hour before a waxing appointment, as it really helps to reduce the pain.”

You should also avoid moisturising the area before your appointment, as it may impact how well the wax takes to your skin, which will negatively affect your results.

If you are going to DIY, here are a couple of our favourite at-home waxing kits to set you in good stead.

With cute packaging and a raspberry scent, these strips almost make the waxing process fun. You may have spotted these little strips in the Love Island 2021 villa.

When you think of hair removal one of the first brand names that comes to mind is probably Veet. These particular strips are designed for sensitive skin.

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