When should I throw out my hair dryer, straighteners and toothbrush?

Are YOUR beauty gadgets out of date? Experts reveal the warning signs that it’s time to replace everything from your hairdryer to electric toothbrush

  • Hair dryers, curlers, straighteners, electric toothbrushes all  have expiry dates
  • Electric razors and epilators also go out of date after a few years, with big usage
  • Most electric hair products vary on how much you use them, and on their cost  

Just like the food you eat and the cosmetics in your bag, electrical items have an expiry date too. 

Hair dryers, curling tongs, and straighteners all have a limited lifespan, as well as razors, epilators and the body of your electric toothbrush.

Here, Femail looks at which items you can keep for more than a decade, according to industry experts, and what you should replace after a few years.

A hair dryer will last between two and seven years, depending on how much it is used (stock image)


Your hairdryer should be replaced every two to seven years, according to expert hairstylists.

The length of time depends on the quality of the product, and how often it’s used.

If you blow dry your hair every day, it will wear out much closer to two years than for occasional users.

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Sherice Zammitt-Groff, a hairstylist, previously told Self magazine that there are signs of age surrounding the dryers – such as the cord sparking when you plug it in or constantly turning on and off, then it’s time to bin it. 

She added that 1875 watts is the ‘magic number’ for hair dryers when you’re buying a new one and want it to go the distance as it keeps the heat low and the pressure high.

Hair straighteners will last on average about four years, or until when the plates become scratched and worn out (stock image)

What are the signs you need a new hair straightener?

1. Scratched plates

2. Worn out plates 

3. Flashing light

4. Having to go over the same section of hair


Straighteners are good to use for around four years, according to GHD education manager Robert Kovacs.

Just like hair dryers, it depends how much you use them  as to whether or not they’ll last longer.

Pierre Haddad stylist Jackie Dove previously told Femail the key signs you need to turf out your hair straightener. 

A tell-tale sign that you’ve overused your hair straightener is scratched plates, or the plates having worn down or ‘lifted’.

Another is the indicator light blinking and the fourth is smooth over the same section of hair numerous times.  

Curling tongs last between 500 to 1000 hours of use, which could be around up to about 10 years (stock image)


Just like hairdryers and straighteners, how long curling tongs last depend on how much you use them.

Shami, a hairstylist with 50 years experience in the industry, told Forbes that curling tongs last between 500 to 1000 hours.

So, if they were used for 15 minutes a day everyday, they would last between five and 10 years, provided there are no warning signs such as a sparking cord.

But looking after them is important too. ‘If tools are abused and not taken care of properly, their life span will be drastically cut,’ Shami told the publication.  

Electric razors vary in how long they last depending on their quality. The cheapest have a life span of around 12 months, while top-end razors can last around a decade (stock image)


Less expensive electric razors will usually last around 12 months, with some packing in sooner than that with frequent use, according to pickmyshaver.com.

Others, come with guarantees of five to ten years, however they may need a new head or cutter every 18 months.

Looking after the razor properly will increase it’s durability, and a good quality model should last seven years

Electric toothbrushes usually have a warranty of two years, but often last five times that if properly taken care of (stock image)


The average life span offered by most manufacturers for an electric toothbrush is 3-5 years, but many last up to 10, according to Oral B. 

Usually they come with a two year warranty as well.

Although many the body of the brush will last years, it’s important to change the toothbrush head every three to four months – the same as a manual brush.

If epilators are used correctly, they can expect a life span of up to 15 years, but most are only guaranteed for a year (stock image)


Good epilators can last up to 15 years if they’re properly maintained by cleaning away remaining hair from the device. 

Epilation is a method of hair removal, that pulls it out from the root. This means the hair grows back more slowly and is less coarse. 

Most come with 12-month warranties as a standard. Most products come with a small brush to help keep them clean, but in its absence, a toothbrush is a good substitute for cleaning it.

Shopping experts at eBay say replacement parts such as epilator heads can often be bought directly from the manufacturer themselves – as these are often the first parts to go. 

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