What’s on TV: Sunday, December 22

Midsomer Murders

ABC, 8.30pm

Into its 20th season, this enduring English crime series holds few surprises for regular viewers. There's a violent death and then the mild-mannered but redoubtable DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) moves into action with his trusty off-sider, DS Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix). The characters involved with the crime generally have the emotional depth of Cluedo characters, so nothing too unsettling is at stake. Here, the first fatality occurs during a wedding celebration attended by Barnaby and his wife, Sarah (Fiona Dolman). The circle of suspects soon widens to involve a bridal-wear designer, a florist, a radio announcer and the operator of a dodgy dating service. By the time Barnaby unmasks the culprit, there have been so many revelations of deception and thwarted love and ambition that it's hard to keep track of who's done what to whom and why they did it.

Midsomer Murders.

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