What's New And Black On Netflix In October

This month Netflix is bringing us beloved gangster spoofs, groundbreaking biopics and one of the culture’s favorite comedies. 

The streaming service is treating us to top tier performances that solidified professional legacies. Before Black excellence was flooding red carpets our people knew accomplishing was its own reward. They showed up on set and poured their hearts out even though they knew the chances of being recognized by their peers were slim.

Curl up with your boo and watch a young Denzel Washington set the bar for a generation of young actors by playing a petty criminal turned immortal revolutionary. Or grab the kiddies and introduce them to the type of talent that earned Whoopi Goldberg an EGOT before she claimed her seat at The View’s table. 

See how those dedicated to protecting our families found the strength to keep the faith or connect with a young Colin Kaepernick as he finds his way through a world designed to keep him on the sidelines.

There are musical cartoons, screwball crime flicks, historic documentaries, and more on the docket. 

See what’s new and Black on Netflix this month below.

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