What’s In Kylie Cosmetics’ Valentine’s Day Collection 2019? You’ll Fall In Love

Another holiday, another makeup collection released by the youngest Jenner sister. But I’m not complaining, because what better time to cop some new makeup than Valentine’s Day? I mean, who even cares about a significant other? When you’re in a serious relationship with beauty products, adding new Kylie Cosmetics products to your stash makes the holiday that much sweeter — sweeter than, say, any of those chocolates that come in the heart-shaped boxes. But what’s in the Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Day Collection, and when can you cop, you ask? Allow me to break it down for you.

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, Kylie took to her personal Instagram to post a picture of herself atop large, red, glittery block letters that spell out "Kylie." In the pic, she’s rocking a red, silky mini dress, red heels, and the most stunning deep red wig, styled into the sleekest pixie cut. The post was captioned, "Can’t wait to reveal the VALENTINE COLLECTION tomorrow! it launches Feb. 1st ♥️?."

Then, on Thursday, Jan. 24 the almost-billionaire took to her Instagram stories to reveal the entire Valentine’s Day Collection that you will be able to purchase from the Kylie Cosmetics website come the first of February.

Now, in my personal opinion, the products included in the new collection are better than any of your typical V-Day gifts. The entire collection is comprised of three Lip Sets, one Pressed Powder Palette, a blush, and one Glitter Eyes liquid eye shadow. All six pieces are encased in a light pink box with "Kylie" spelled out across the front in red, glittery letters, and the box housing the entire collection features the question "Will you be my Valentine?" written in red metallic letters. Adorable red and pink lingerie illustrations are also dotting some of the packaging.

As far as the lip sets go, there is "The Forever Set," "The Love Set," and "The Soulmate Set." Each set is made up of a lip liner, a matte liquid lipstick, and a gloss. The best part? All of the liners, liquid lipsticks, and glosses found in the collection are all brand new shades, exclusive to the 2019 Valentine’s Day Collection. Even cuter, the back of each set says "To:" and "From:" just like those Valentine’s Day cards that you used to give to your classmates in elementary school.

I know you’re dying to know about the new shades in each Lip Set, so here it goes: The Forever Set is made up of "Forever and Always," a pink nude lip liner; "Built to Last" a pink nude matte liquid lipstick; and "Story Of Us," a light gold gloss with iridescent glitter. ICYMI, "Forever And Always" and "Story Of Us" are also the names of two popular Taylor Swift songs. Do with that information what you will.

The Love Set is made up of "You Are A Gem," a bubblegum pink liner; "Wish You Were Here," a bubblegum pink matte liquid lipstick; and "Sweet," a pink glitter gloss.

And rounding out the Lip Sets is The Soulmate Set, which comes complete with "Beau," a red liner; "Call Me" a red matte liquid lipstick; and "Blow Me Away" a clear gloss with gold glitter.

The Pressed Powder Palette, which is appropriately dubbed the "Valentine Palette," is a brand new 12-pan palette that features eyeshadows in matte and shimmer finishes. The shades range from "Princess," a matte nude, to "Romance," a lavender shimmer, to "Kandy Heart" a hot pink matte.

The new Glitter Eyes liquid eyeshadow is dubbed "Roses Are Red" and is the yummiest, shimmery shade of light pink.

Finally, Kylie’s newest blush, "Crush," is a light peach hue, matching the color of blushing cheeks pretty much exactly.

This year, no matter if you’re in a serious relationship with your SO, yourself, or Ben & Jerry, you’ll want to act fast on Feb. 1, and cop Kylie’s latest collection before it sells out.

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