What to do if you run out of charge on a mobile phone at the airport – but would you feel too guilty?

But apparently there is one almost fail-safe option, you just have to have no shame or conscience.

Kiwi.com has shared their top travel hacks to help holidaymakers improve the airport experience and one of their top tips is nicking a phone charge from lost and found.

They said: "If your phone’s battery is depleting, head to lost and found, and see if they’ve got one to match your phone type.

"More often than not, they’ll have a huge box filled with phone chargers which have been sat there for well over the requisite ninety days."

Elsewhere on the internet, other passengers even suggest telling staff that your charger has a frayed end, to make your loss seem a little more believable.

That's not the only tip, there is also advice on how to get your luggage off the plane first and how to make a makeshift pillow during layovers.

Read on to find out more…

The weigh-in

If you’ve arrived at the airport and worried that your luggage may be slightly over the limit, don’t wait until you reach the check-in desk, or pay for the scales.

Nip over to an unmanned check-in desk – the scales are always switched on, and you’ll have a few extra minutes to redistribute your weight.

Faking it

Pick up some “fragile” labels and stick them all over your suitcase.

Not only will airport staff be reminded to take care or your case, but fragile cases are likely to be unloaded first, meaning you can collect your luggage and be on your way.

Put a socket in it

Charging your phone is one thing, but what about your Kindle and tablet? Bringing a multi-plug extension lead to the airport can save you running around trying to find a dual socket.

This hack can also make traveller adapters go further once you reach your destination.

Pillow talk

Sometimes, the wait between your first and second connection might be a long one, so save on checking into a hotel and pack an empty pillowcase.

If you need to rest your head, fill it with your clothes and get your forty winks.

Making use of the liquids ban

Aside from transporting your liquid through security, sandwich bags have a clever second use.

Pop your smartphone or tablet into one, and hang it over the back of your seat tray to watch a film hands free.

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