What to Buy the Taurus in Your Life

Taurus is the Zodiac’s most sensual, tactile sign. Highly attuned to all things physical, they love soft fabrics, floral scents, and flavors that envelope. “They experience life through what’s right in front of them,” says astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl. Scented candles, floral perfumes (they can never have enough), a spa day, or a sumptuous restaurant meal that’s pleasant on all five senses would be a hit. Bulls know good quality, so opt for a high-end box of chocolates or a fine wine. “Some people think of them as materialistic,” says Biehl, and Tauruses do have a hedonistic streak, but it’s refinement not extravagance that they’re after. “A Taurus would be a sucker for a bouquet of flowers.”

Earthly and grounded, they’re desirous and devoted lovers who are stable, if stubborn. Tauruses (born April 20 – May 21) tend to focus on the here and now rather than fantasizing about alternate realities, says Biehl. “They’re not theoretical people.” But they do get swept away by all forms of beauty. The Taurus in your life is likely a music-lover and would delight in going to see a live jazz concert or the opera. “They really respond to music and often have a good voice,” says Biehl. “They’re also crafty people — they make things and would love it if you got them some of their supplies.”

When it comes to fashion, a Taurus’s wardrobe is often full of solid neutrals like olives and tans, and “they can hang onto stuff for a long time, so they like things that stand the test of time,” says Biehl. And you’ve got competition because your Taurus is probably a fantastic gift giver. “Going to a store with a Taurus is like having a personal shopper,” she says. “They have eyes like nobody else.”

Silk Robe


“They like the way fabric feels on the skin,” Biehl says of Tauruses. What’s more luxurious than a silk robe? Opt for high quality and a neutral color.
La Perla Silk-Satin Robe, $361; matchesfashion.com

Dutch Oven


“Food is important to them,” says Biehl. “They like to eat” and often also to cook, enjoying the sounds and smells of a kitchen in action. Gift your Taurus a beautiful kitchen item, like a Le Creuset Dutch oven or a set of cutting boards.
Le Creuset Signature Deep Round Dutch Oven, $200; surlatable.com

Body Lotion


“Taurus is all about how it feels on the body,” says Biehl. Gift your bull friend a bottle of velvety floral body lotion or a sweet perfume.
Diptyque Fresh Lotion for the Body, $60; nordstrom.com

Paint Set


What’s your Taurus’s craft of choice? If it’s knitting, gift them a variety of yarns. If it’s painting, a gorgeous set of brushes or paints. They’ll think of you the next time they DIY.
Reeves Gouache Paint Color 18 Tube Set, $15; michaels.com



Flowers will always please a Taurus — they’re fragrant, beautiful, and an expression of affection. Opt for roses, poppies, or foxgloves, their three birth flowers.
1800Flowers Cherished Memories; 1800flowers.com



Find out whether your Taurus is into buttery Chardonnays or fruit-forward Pinot Noirs, and select just the one — or curate a mixed box and give the gift of variety.
Wine.com; wine.com



Lingerie will charm a Taurus lover — as long as it’s soft to the touch. A Taurus would pick a silk or cotton set over a high-drama but uncomfortable lace set any day.
Aerie Lace triangle Bralette, $30; ae.com


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