‘We’re mum-shamed for wearing sexy outfits in front of our kids – it’s unfair’

Amanda Holden was recently shamed by Andrew Tate for wearing a bikini.

The 52-year-old was blasted by the controversial troll for wearing a string two-piece on holiday.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "You are a wife, and a mother and you're far past a teenager. There is no need for this post."

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The Britain's Got Talent judge didn't take the ridiculous insult to heart as she's continued to post sexy snaps online.

But unfortunately, Amanda isn't the only mum to be shamed over her looks in recent years.

Daily Star has rounded up some glam mums who hit back after being shamed over their clothing choices.

So take a look at these inspirational women next time you're feeling pressure to conform…

Girls just wanna have fun

A woman wasn't impressed when her husband said her outfit was 'inappropriate' for "a mum and a wife".

Hannah Murphy, who posts online as @hannahmurphy.lifestyle, had dressed up in a long-sleeved blazer dress with a black belt and knee-high boots.

She said: "Today is girl's night out – basically a mum's night out. I'm going out with a couple of mum friends.

"My husband thinks my outfit is not appropriate for a mum and a wife…

"So I actually go to a gym without a cover in the summer, obviously. But why is this not okay to go out like this? I'm worried."

Thankfully, Hannah didn't let the comments ruin her evening of fun.

She added: "I'm going out like this anyways. He can't stop me from going out and I'm wearing whatever I want."

Skirting the issue

Alternative Charlie Hayes was branded a "bad mum" because of her so-called "inappropriate" clothing choices.

The Kent lass was recently criticised for wearing a mini skirt to drop her kids off.

"That skirt is far too short for the school run," one critic jibed.

And another mocked: "Where's the school? The red light district?"

The 22-year-old was unfazed though, hitting back: "People think I'm a bad mum because I don't fit the mould of a typical mum.

"But the more people tell me to tone it down the more I go against it."

School's out!

Hot fitness model and lawyer Vanesita Medina was criticised for her choice of attire on the school run.

Vanesita was filmed by another parent as she got out of her car next to her young son.

The video was shared on the internet, where it went viral, amassing thousands of views.

In the footage Vanesita is seen wearing a flimsy backless halter-necked playsuit which shows off her tanned skin and toned bum.

But the person who filmed her wasn't happy with the bold garment.

In fact, the woman behind the camera deemed it "inappropriate" to wear in front of young children.

Vanesita responded on social media, saying: "I am a fit mummy who works hard and I take care of my son with all the love in the world, and I don't do anything bad to anyone."


Mia Boardman, who has a five-year-old daughter called Marliya, is often accused of being a “bad mum” just because she glams up.

The Teen Mom UK star, from Southampton, told Fabulous: “I like to wear the clothes I wear which some people say aren’t typical ‘mum’ clothes.

“And that makes me a bad mum? People have gone as far to message me and say my child should be taken away because of the way I am.”

Mia silenced trolls by highlighting that having fun doesn't make you a bad mother.

She added: “Who cares whether you want to go out on a Saturday night and your child is with their father, dance all night with a short dress on, as long as you show up for your kids I think you do you.”

Mama mia!

American Jen Ferguson has also been trolled over her dress sense but refuses to let the haters hold her back.

The 31-year-old believes they are just “jealous”.

On TV show My Extraordinary Family, Jen revealed: “I honestly think that a lot of women are jealous because they don’t have the confidence I have. So I have kids and I can’t be hot any more? No way…

“I think the biggest problem is that they think I’m a mum, I have sons, so I shouldn’t be showing this.”

She previously urged fans to embrace their inner “sexy” mum instead of covering up after having kids.

She declared: “Being a mum is sexy as hell!

"Show your curves and don’t be ashamed to dance like a crazy person on TikTok in front of millions of people."

Double trouble

Mum-of-four and fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin was outraged after trolls "sexualised" a snap of her posing in a bikini with her son.

She posted the picture on social media after celebrating Kai's 15th birthday at home on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Some deemed the image 'inappropriate' and accused the 34-year-old of doing a 'sexy pose'.

Sophie responded saying she often wears a bikini in front of her kids as "having a body is normal".

"Do I have a problem wearing a bikini in front of my sons? NO WAY," she said.

"Why? Because I'm not sexualised to him, not have I ever been!

"If you have an issue maybe you should look into why you feel you have to sexualise a woman's body instead of it simply being a mum and her son at the pool!!!"

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