We’re mesmerized by this paint roll dying technique

Creative color specialist Kelly O’Leary came up with the idea to use a paint roller to dye a client’s hair and we’re loving the results!

O’Leary, who has been in the business for 20 years and owns a salon in Winnipeg, Canada, came up with the idea when she was driving home from work one day.

“I’m always trying to think of new techniques and new tools to be able to do these techniques for clients,” O’Leary told “GMA.”

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She said this is an easy technique that is accessible to a lot of different people, “you can get them [paint rollers] anywhere, you don’t even need professional tools.”

According to O’Leary, the technique isn’t messy because you won’t get it on your hands.

She rolled the paint roller on top of a board to distribute the hair dye.

Since this isn’t a traditional way to dye hair, O’Leary said it was a “bit of a spectacle” in the salon.

“It’s really great. I encourage everybody to get out there and get creative with color because it turned out really fantastic,” O’Leary said.

We can add paint roller hair to our list of unconventional dying styles including drip dye hair, geode hair, pixelated hair, and peanut butter and jelly hair.

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