‘We ditched lip fillers to embrace natural beauty – and look so different now’

Nowadays, getting some sort of "beauty" procedure is as routine as going to the hairdressers or having a manicure.

At one time the only people who had plastic surgery or non surgical procedures – known as 'tweakments' – were celebrities.

But now everything is on offer to those women (and men) who are unhappy with their face or body and want to improve what nature gave them.

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Among the most popular procedures are facial and lip fillers, with practitioners springing up all over the UK.

But the trend for perfection has started to wane and more women are turning their backs on the plastic looks and embracing their own natural beauty.

These four women have all decided to take the plunge and reverse their tweakments to go back to their natural looks.

I went back to my natural beauty

A tweakment fan has been told she looks "beautiful" after ditching her cosmetic procedures and embracing the natural look.

Clare Colvin looks completely different after reversing her face fillers and bleached hair.

She decided to stop spending money on cosmetic procedures and return her face and hair to their natural state.

And since she has, the compliments have poured in.

Clare unveiled her dramatic 'make-under' in a TikTok clip which has racked up thousands of views.

In the 'before' shots, Clare appeared to have used tanning products, bleached her hair blonde and had cheek and lip fillers.

Despite spending money on treatments to improve her looks, Clare isn't smiling in any of these shots – just pouting.

But in the 'after' clips, she looks a different person in every respect.

She's switched out the bright blonde hair for a light brunette style with a natural wave and her lips and cheeks are smaller after losing the fillers. But the biggest change is the smile.

Grinning happily, Clare captioned the pictures: "Ditched the fillers, weave, bleach and straighteners and feel so much more myself.”

Her TikTok followers rushed to support her decision. One said: “You look so much younger, absolutely glowinnnn.”

While another said: "Beautiful – my jaw dropped."

And another follower agreed, posting: "Best decision ever."

Pretty Woman transformation

A woman caused jaws to drop with her ‘Pretty Woman’-style transformation after she ditched fake lashes and lip fillers for a more "classy" look.

Kyra Mae Turner used her know-how as a professional make-up artist to enhance her beauty with products and procedures galore.

But then she decided to get rid of these extras and return to her natural look.

Her transformation has been likened to Julia Roberts' character, Vivian Ward, in the 80s rom-com Pretty Woman.

Kyra took to TikTok to share her two very different looks.

Gone is the face enhanced by heavy make-up, buckets of beauty products and cosmetic procedures.

In its place is Krya's natural face, just enhanced with a light covering of make-up, along with a quaint pearl necklace, smart white blazer and a fascinator.

Fans praised her new look, with one saying: "You are so pretty and classy looking, Pretty Woman vibes.”

Another user added: : “Vivian Ward written all over her.”

And a third said: “Please convince other girls to go this route x best thing I ever done.”

I spent £80k trying to look like a cartoon character

A plastic surgery addict looks a different person after reversing the surgical procedures she spent £80,000 on.

Pixiee Fox said she became famous for her love of plastic surgery – but when one operation nearly killed her, she decided enough was enough.

Her goal was to look exactly like her favourite cartoon characters and she splurged $119,200 (£79,000) having a stream of surgical procedures to achieve that look.

These included having six of her lower ribs removed to shrink her waist to look like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

She also had a boob job and work on her face to create doll-like features so she could look like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool.

At the time she said: "Those cartoon characters represent the idealisation of the female body. I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face."

But when she suffered a complication during surgery which left her fighting for her life, she decided it was time to change.

“I was a person famous for having plastic surgery, and I have advertised doctors and the procedures they have done on me. I am making this post now because I see other girls advertising this doctor who almost ended my life,” she announced on Instagram.

“I am lucky to still be alive after been in a coma for more than one week. So lucky to have friends and family coming to my aid and getting me home to Sweden."

While she still has her breast implants and a different eye colour after having it changed through surgery, everything else has gone.

Her followers supported her beauty U-turn. One said: "Please stop with the plastic surgery, one day you will damage yourself and you are more than good enough and very beautiful already. Health is wealth."

While another wrote: "No judgement because I LOVE YOU but I always thought you went too far with his surgery."

I was hooked on lip filler

An aesthetician who believes she made herself "ugly" by using too much filler now tries to stop others from getting botched treatments.

Shelby Hall, who founded Skinfidelity in Mississauga, Canada, revealed how she became obsessed with lip filler but has now had it dissolved.

Revealing her change of heart on TikTok, she said her face changed when she started using filler in her 20s.

She joked she had "Simpson lip" and looked like a "blow-up doll", writing in the on-screen caption: "Watch my face get ugly from filler."

The aesthetician reveals that since she got it dissolved she felt much more comfortable about her appearance.

Since uploading the video it's been watched more than 270,000 times and has received thousands of comments.

One user said: "Thank you for sharing! I am so saddened every time I see pillow face."

"Love this! The filler dysmorphia has clearly taken hold in the culture," said a second viewer.

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