Watch Teresa storm off from ‘disgraceful’ brother Joe in explosive ‘RHONJ’ reunion trailer

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Teresa Giudice stormed away from her “disgraceful” brother, Joe Giudice, in the explosive “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion trailer.

In a preview clip for the upcoming season reunion released Tuesday, Andy Cohen asks Giudice if she believes Joe’s wife, Melisssa Gorga, was the one to call the FBI and “put her in jail” in 2015 over fraud charges.

“I spoke to the FBI because of what you’ve done,” Guidice, 51, could be heard saying while pointing her finger at her sister-in-law. However, it’s unclear what Melissa had exactly “done.”

Joe — who has remained faithfully by his wife’s side amid her feud with Giudice — asks his sister, “Oh, what, are you threatening me?” to which she quips, “I’m speaking the truth.”

“The Amusing World of Joe Gorga” comedian refutes her, saying that it’s all “a lie.”

He then adds after she addresses him in Italian, “You broke my heart a long time ago.”

His attitude seemingly pushes Giudice to tears, who says, “This is disgraceful.”

After her brother, 43, agrees with her, the OG of Jersey storms off while yelling, “You should be ashamed of yourself! And don’t come following me!”

Earlier in the trailer, Cohen asks Giudice’s husband, Luis Ruelas, why they had hired private security, who were trying to access the Bravo studio where the reunion was being filmed.

“Because we got death threats last week, Andy,” Ruelas explained, which had Melissa responding, “Oh, dear God, we are at delusionals like highest level.”

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Her statement set off Giudice, who told her, “I can’t wait to never look at your face again after today. You’re leaving.” (Melissa has shut down rumors that she is leaving “RHONJ.”)

The Gorgas feud with Giudice and Reulas reaches an all-time high during the reunion following an explosive Season 13.

After years of feuding, things got worse between the family members when Giudice brought up a rumor claiming that Melissa had cheated on Joe. This caused Melissa and Joe to ultimately skip Giudice’s wedding to Ruelas.

Multiple sources had previously told Page Six that Giudice was “completely unhinged” and “out of control” while filming with her castmates on Thursday.

We were told the mother of four seemed “very unhappy” and “mad at the world” which caused Cohen to be “frustrated with her the entire time.” The Bravo executive producer also admitted to walking out on the reunion after he “lost [his] s–t.”

However, one insider insisted that she only got worked up only when the topic of her “family dynamics” was brought up.

“This was the first time Teresa, Melissa and Joe were gonna see each other in person,” the insider said, emphasizing the trio’s “long history” of “deep-rooted family issues.”

The insider believed Giudice acted out of a place of “hurt” but admitted that “her same energy was not necessarily matched” by her sister-in-law.

Following the explosive reunion, Page Six learned that “RHONJ” was put on pause.

Multiple sources tell us that due to Giudice and Melissa’s estrangement, production was halted because Bravo does not know how to film under the current conditions.

No contracts have been offered for the next season either and there is no set date for when production of Season 14 will begin. In fact, sources told us that filming might not even begin until 2024.

Cameras were meant to be picked up following Giudice and Ruelas’ wedding special but “no official decisions on Season 14 have been made.”

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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