Vogue editor ties-the-knot at Belvoir Castle in spooky wedding

Getting Hallow-wed! Vogue’s beauty editor dons two sheer gowns as she ties-the-knot to Lady Diana Mitford’s grandson in lavish nuptials at Belvoir Castle attended by the Manners sisters and Kate Moss

  • Vogue editor Tish Weinstock tied-the-knot with her partner, fashion editor, Tom Guinness at Belvoir Castle
  • Couple had a spooky themed event days before Halloween, with over-the-top bone and candle decorations 
  • Pair were joined by son Reuben at the lavish nuptials, which was attended by fashion royalty like Kate Moss
  • Other socialite attendees included the Manners sisters, Sabine Getty and model Adwoa Aboah 

An editor at Vogue tied-the-knot in a very lavish and spooky wedding at The Crown’s Belvoir Castle this weekend – with fashion royalty including Kate Moss and model  Adwoa Aboah in attendance. 

Tish Weinstock, who studied art history at Oxford and is now a Vogue beauty editor and writer, and Tom Guinness, who is the son of Lord Moyne, threw the over-the-top event at the estate in Grantham.

Tom’s grandmother was Diana Mitford, who later became Lady Mosley, after marrying British Fascist Oswald Mosley.

Tom and Tish were surrounded by the likes of supermodel Adwoa Aboah, the Manners sisters and influencer Camille Charriere as they said their vows in the ultra-gothic ceremony.

Vogue editor Tish Weinstock, from London, tied-the-knot with her partner, fashion editor, Tom Guinness at Belvoir Castle over the weekend (pictured together) 

Tish, who studied art history at Oxford and is now a Vogue beauty editor and writer, and Tom, who is the son of Lord Moyne, threw the over-the-top event at the estate in Grantham (left, with their son Reuben, and right, Tish in her second wedding dress)

Attendees at the event, which took place at The Crown’s Belvoir Castle over Halloween weekend, include socialites like Lady Violet Manners and Sabine Getty, 

So chic: The castle was uplit in red, while a collection of bones decorated with the entranceway –  and the couple had a red neon sign which spelled out their names

Tish looked incredible in her lace dress and ballet pumps, wearing her long raven locks down and in a loose style.

She had a long vintage train which trailed behind her as she walked down the aisle in the gothic ceremony. 

Later, she changed into a sheer light lilac gown, which featured celestial style detailing across the body. 

The chapel on the estate was decorated with a red neon sign which spelled out their names as they walked out carrying their son, Reuben, three.

The couple threw their lavish and very gothic nuptials at 356-room Belvoir castle, in Grantham, which is home to the Duke and Duchess of Rutland and their daughters, the Manners sisters 

Wonderful: The fashion journalist bride reposted lots of glorious photos of her dress shared by all the guests (pictured, in her first gown) 

So stylish: Tish looked incredible in a vintage lace wedding gown as she walked down aisle towards her future husband in front of their friends and family 

The bride opted for an over-the-top lace gown for the occasion, which appeared semi-sheer, which she paired with a lengthy veil and train 

The gothic bride walked herself up the aisle carrying a handful of flowers as opposed to a traditional bridal bouquet (pictured left and right) 

Meanwhile a collection of bones decorated with the entranceway – and the couple had a red neon sign which spelled out their names. 

The couple jumped into a Victorian style carriage alongside their toddler son, before being whisked away to the reception.

There, tables were adorned with ornate and spooky decor, including over-the-top candle sticks and huge floral displays.

The reception of their castle wedding had a backdrop of green and pink fireworks and Tish later shared a picture of herself lying nude under the sheer lace ensemble. 

Guests were invited to wear black tie for the occasion, with many pulling out all the stops to appear in keeping with the gothic theme of the big day.  

The couple tied-the-knot in Belvoir Castle’s grand chapel, which is usually a private place of worship for the Duke of Rutland (left and right) 

After the ceremony, the newly married couple walked out of the chapel arm in arm alongside their three-year-old son Reuben (pictured) 

After the ceremony, the couple alongside their little boy Reuben hopped into a Victorian style carriage before being driven to the reception

In the evening, Tom wore a full suit of armour and Tish wore a white dress as they transformed into Romeo and Juliet.

The day came to a close when Tish took off all her clothes and posed naked in one of the castle rooms.

Model Adwoa posted the snap and simply wrote: ‘Naked bride. I love you with all my heart’ and Tish reposted it.

Koibird has previously written about Tish and her love of the dark side.

Previously talking about getting into the Christmas spirit, they wrote: It comes as no surprise that when I ask Tish about the festive holiday season, she starts talking about Halloween.

While Tish were the floor length vintage gown for the occasion, her husband Tom opted for a white jacket with a navy blue shirt 

Fangs for coming! Kate Moss dressed up as a vampire for the beauty editor’s star-studded Halloween-themed wedding over the weekend (pictured) 

‘Self-declared as “Morticia Adams” her vampy style has become her signifier, and in turn her home (which she proudly designed with an interior designer during lockdown) is decorated like a chic dungeon.

‘There are blood red walls, windows with heavy velvet drapes, plush sofas, upholstered stools and lamp stems made of metal chains. If I were to be chained up, it would be in this room – which says all you need to know.’

His father Jonathan is the son of Bryan Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne and Diana Mitford, who abandoned her husband to marry  Sir Oswald Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists.

The Mitford sisters were raised in the Cotswolds to Lord and Lady Redesdale. They had one brother Tom who was educated at Eton. But despite their privileged upbringing as members of the aristocracy, the six daughters went on to shock polite society with their impulsive, hedonistic lifestyles. 

After the ceremony, the bride swapped her lace gown for a sheer lilac number which featured silver embroidery and detailing across the body 

‘I love you with all my heart’: Supermodel Adwoa Aboah later shared this picture of Tish completely naked 

Tish hugged model Jordan Barrett, who is the godfather of her son, Reuben, three 

The wedding reception also took place within the castle, and saw tables decorated with floral displays and dripping candles (left and right) 

Sir Oswald and Diana  tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Joseph Goebbels’ drawing room in Berlin in 1936. Hitler was the only other guest.

As a result, during World War Two she was locked up as an enemy to the Allies in Holloway Prison.

Following her and her husband’s release from jail, they cruised the Mediterranean, before settling together in the Paris suburbs, with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor for neighbours.

Both Diana and Mosley were jailed during World War II because of their strong fascist beliefs. 

Guests at the gothic black tie event included Princess Olympia of Greece, who opted for a floor length black gown, (left) as well as Sabine Getty (right) 

Later, the couple cut into a huge cake with nine different tiers, which had been placed on a table covered in pink and red flowers 

Other attendees at the big day included supermodel Adwoa Aboah, who was among the guests who abided by the gothic theme in her black gown 

In keeping with the gothic theme, the castle was lit with red lighting as the evening wore on (left) before bride and groom as well as guests enjoyed a huge firework display (right) 

Later, guests swapped their black tie attire for fancy dress costumes as they celebrated Halloween as well as the couple’s nuptials 

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