Viral TikTok trend shows parents morphing into their younger selves

The apple really DOESN’T fall far from the tree! Parents and their kids reveal their INCREDIBLE similarities in viral TikTok trend that sees moms and dads morphing into their younger selves

  • A new TikTok trend has seen young users teaming up with their parents for an optical illusion that makes it look as though viewers are being taken back in time
  • The trend requires users to film their parents, then dress up in the same outfit themselves to make it look like they are a younger version of their mom or dad 
  • When the TikTok users turn the camera on themselves, they apply a retro filter that makes it look as though the clip was filmed with a 90s camcorder 
  • The final effect makes it look as though the second clip features the parent when they were younger – and the illusion has left many viewers stunned 

Parents and their children are proving that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree with a new TikTok trend that reveals the incredible physical similarities between kids and their moms and dads.    

Using a retro filter designed to make a video look as though it was filmed on a 90s camcorder, TikTokers have created clips that appear to show their parents flashing back in time and morphing into younger versions of themselves. 

But instead of showing old videos of mom and dad, young TikTok users are inserting themselves into the retro-style clips, demonstrating just how much they look like their parents.  

The uncanny similarities have seen many viewers fooled by the ruse, with dozens of people confessing that they thought the old-school video actually showed a younger version of the parents seen at the start of the video.  

Spot the difference! A new TikTok trend is revealing parents’ incredible similarities to their kids – who pose as younger versions of their moms and dads while using a retro 90s filter

Take on: As part of the trend, TikTokers film their parents without any filter, before turning the camera on themselves 

Take two: The TikToker then puts on the same outfit as their parent, and applies a vintage filter that makes it look as though the video is an old VHS clip of their mom or dad as a teen

Twins! Many viewers have been left duped by the trend, with dozens of people admitting that they thought the filter was actually a retro video of the parent that had been added in 

This popular new trend was started by TikTok star Berta Alonso who shared a clip of her mom dressed in a light blue jacket with cropped, curly hair.

The clip then blurs, and the retro filter is applied – revealing what looks like a much younger version of Berta’s mom wearing the same jacket. But in reality, the second half of the clip features Berta herself.    

The only giveaway that this is a different person is Berta’s longer curly locks.

The original video has attracted more than 1.9 million likes, with thousands of viewers left stumped.

One person commented: ‘I literally thought this was an actual old recording.’

‘This looks so real I thought it was her with a wig,’ another person said.

Others commented on their similarities, saying they looked just like each other.

The trend soon caught on with countless users testing out the filter with their own parents.

TikTok user Arina took a stab at it, showing a clip of her mom wearing a blue, orange and white sports jacket, with her blonde hair tied in a ponytail and applying bright lipstick – before applying the filter.

One fan was completely bamboozled by the clip, commenting: ‘I think this was a throwback video, the first one is the present, the 2nd one is from the past when she’s a young teenager.’ [sic]

Another user, Paulo Otavio, got the whole family involved.

First, his parents can be seen with his dad dressed in a brown T-shirt and gold chain, and his mum dressed in a black T-shirt with long dark hair.

Once the filter is on, Paulo and what appears to be his sister take over wearing matching clothes and grinning at the camera.

A particularly popular take on the trend came from Elena Ruiz, who appears to be her mum’s doppelganger.

Her mom appears on camera wearing a grey Disney T-shirt, showing off flowing ombre locks.

The clip then cuts to Elena, who bears a striking resemblance to her and even has matching hair.

Her TikTok video has attracted more than 1.7 million likes, with fans very confused by the video.

One person commented: ‘Wow this is the most realest I’ve seen.’ 

Identical! Cuban TikTok star Daniela and her mother look like twins in their videos 


Got ya! Many viewers have confessed to being fooled by the trend – wrongly assuming that the new clip and the old featured the same people 

Stunner: Flabia wowed her 250,000 followers by revealing the incredible similarities between her and her mother 

‘I was confused,’ another person added. 

TikToker Maria managed to double bluff viewers by using a filter to appear older in the first clip.

She and a man both smile happily for the camera, with Maria wearing a nose ring and her friend having grey hair.

Using the filter, they appear as youngsters again – but this time, it’s a little clearer that they are the same people.

The man’s hair is perfectly identical in both clips, albeit with a change in color, and the woman doesn’t appear to change much at all, aside from adding sunglasses alongside the filter.

But that didn’t stop viewers from being fooled, with one person saying the ‘parents’ had ‘copy pasted themselves’.

Another person commented: ‘Wow it looks like the parents cloned themselves. Their kids will never have to wonder what they will look like when they get older.’

But one viewer wasn’t fooled, saying they hadn’t initially realized they had just used the ‘old person’ filter.

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