Viewers of Escape to the Chateau brand Dick and Angel 'cruel'

Escape to the Chateau viewers slam ‘cruel’ Dick and Angel after the couple install birds cages as ‘wedding decorations’ for guests visiting their refurbished castle

  •  Dick, 59, and Angel, 48, bought the 45-bedroom French Château in 2014 
  • Last nights episode saw couple fill two giant aviaries with wild birds 
  • Shocked viewers with the move, with many calling them ‘disgusting’
  • One commented: ‘Keeping caged birds is totally unnecessary and cruel’ 

Viewers of Escape to the Chateau were left shocked last night, after couple Dick and Angel revealed their plans to create two huge aviaries filled with birds as part of their French castle renovation.

Now on its sixth series, the programme has followed the ambitious couple as they set about renovating the 45-bedroom Château-de-la-Motte Husson in France, which they bought in 2014, for £280,000. 

Last night’s episode of the Channel 4 episode saw Dick, 59, and Angel, 48, who are parents to Arthur, six, and Dorothy, five, fill two giant aviaries in their castle with colourful birds as part of their ongoing renovation of their castle home into a wedding venue.

But some viewers were revolted by the move, with many suggesting it was cruel and unfair to keep the birds in cages. 

Viewers were horrified watching last night’s Escape to the Chateau after Dick, 59, and Angel, 48, built aviaries filled with birds as part of their renovations of the property 

On last night’s programme the couple revealed their plans to place two enormous aviaries filled with birds in front of their property as part of their renovation 

One commented: ‘Dick and Angel please stop…the chateau is turning into a theme park. And now aviaries as well as barge, circus tent, pods. Please not finches in cages. Oh dear.’

Another wrote: ‘Whilst I absolutely love watching #escapetothechateau I have to say that keeping caged birds is totally unnecessary and cruel.’ 

One wrote: ‘The idea of having an aviary is highly distasteful. Birds should not be caged but free to spread their wings freely. Another batty idea not properly thought out.’

Another wrote: ‘Noooooo! Not real birds in the aviaries! Surely you have some antique stuffed ones! Love you but not caged birds!’

Another added: ‘Birds in cages! Disgusting Dick and Angel. We loved your programme but we shan’t be watching anymore. Those poor birds.’    

Viewers of Escape to the Chateau slammed the couple over their decision to build two giant aviaries as part of their renovations of the home 

During the wedding season the duo plan to welcome 1,000 visitors to the chateau, but remain determined to make improvements to the front of the house.

The couple hoped the renovations would add to their plans to host outdoor ceremonies at the front of the property.   

Angel explained the reasoning behind her desire for the two giant aviaries, which she hoped to place on the driveway of the couple’s castle.

She said: ‘When we first started dating, Dick bought me a bird cafe and it was huge. It’s Victorian, it’s stunning but it started our live and discussions about potentially having an aviary.’  

She continued: ‘It’s never gone away….We love birds, colorful birds, canaries – it’s going to be quite special.’  

The mother-of-two explained: ‘How I want the aviaries to look is like a big traditional bird cage. I’ve seen them, I know they exist, but I know they’re not easy to find.’

The couple (seen with their children) said they had long-dreamed of building Victorian aviaries as part of their dream French wedding venue 

Angel said she was determined to add the large bird cages to the driveway of their castle-cum-wedding venue 

She added: ‘But when there’s a will there’s a way.’ 

The plan for the huge bird cages was part of the couple’s dream to make the front of their home the ideal outdoors wedding destination.

In addition to the enormous cages, they were keen to transform with flower beds and flagstone paving.

The transformation included removing gravel from the front of the home in order to begin laying the new stone. 

Dick admitted the renovation of the outside of the property had been challenging but said he was keen to enact Angel’s vision 

Meanwhile at the back of the house, they erected an enormous circus tent in their garden for a children’s area.  

But the couple also faced difficulties as the castle was built on an angle, making laying the slabs in a symmetrical pattern a challenge.

To add to the confusion, the slabs come in ten different sizes and Angel told Dick she wanted them laid ‘randomly’.   

And with time moving onwards toward the wedding season, the couple were delighted with the arrival of two enormous aviaries.

The huge aviaries were delivered just in time for wedding season, with the couple erecting the enormous cages on their driveway 

The couple were determined to build the bird aviaries on the edge of the outdoors area where they host weddings at the chateau 

Angel revealed: ‘It is hard to find a good looking aviary.’      

Three metres high and two metres across, the giant Victorian style dome left Angel in awe, revealing: ‘It looks so good. It looks lovely.’

The couple carefully constructed the enormous bird cages on the edge of their new flagstone paving, before filling them with plants and flowers. 

With the aviaries built, Angel upcycled some old antique tea-cups in order to create bird feeders. 

And on completing the cages, the couple were overjoyed, with Angel admitting: ‘The aviaries add an elegance which this place needed.’ 

She said: ‘This space, even though it’s brand new, it feels like it’s been here forever. I love it.’  

But while the couple were happy with the move, viewers were horrified, with many taking to Twitter to slam the couple.

The couple were overjoyed with the cages, saying that the aviaries added a touch of elegance to the front of the chateau 

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