‘Very Picky Cats’ Adore This Stimulating $10 Toy With Over Over 29,000 5-Star Reviews

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So it’s safe to say we have a mountain of cat toys. From scratchy ones, ones that bounce, those that they whack for hours on end, and so on. You get it; we try to ensure our cats have a playground-level amount of toys at their disposal. However, there’s a bestselling toy on Amazon that every pet parent needs on their radar, because not only is it super cute, fun, and easy to set up, but it’s only $10 on Amazon.


UPSKY Cat Toy Roller 3-Level Turntable Cat Toy$10.99, originally $15.99on Amazon.comBuy now

The UPSKY Cat Toy Roller 3-Level Turntable Cat Toy is an adorable and super-fun toy that’ll make your cats the happiest fur babies. Both super-sturdy and addictive, your cats will instantly be engrossed in this stacked toy. How it works is that the balls inside each level will stimulate your cat’s senses, and hunting instincts, along with keeping them occupied and happy for hours on end. (and it’s not as loud as some of their other addictive toys, which is a huge bonus for when you’re trying to treat yourself to a nap!)

The three-tiered toy is super easy to set up because all you have to do is place each tier atop one another before placing the head at the top (then you pop the balls in for your cats to play with!)

With over 43,000 reviews (and over 29,000 of those being five stars reviews), it’s no wonder this bestselling cat toy has become a staple in so many households. Thousands of shoppers, including one of the top reviewers, said “my very picky cat loves it.” They said, “My cat usually gets bored with cat toys after a short time, springs and bell balls not included. He absolutely loves this toy!”

Another shopper added, “I bought it for my kitten, who is usually picky about his toys, and am so glad that he likes to play it over and over again. It seems never to cease his feline curiosity. At such a low price for a cat toy, I am satisfied with this simple effect. This intelligently designed toy produces for my little tom’s happiness.”

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