Two-month-old baby with thick mane makes grown adults jealous of hair

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A baby girl is giving everyone hair envy with her thick and glossy hair.

At just two-months-old, the little one has a full mane of hair.

Her locks are straight, dark brown and very voluminous – and many think she must take after her dad!

In a snap shared on Reddit’s Mildly Interesting forum, the proud parent shared a picture of his daughter’s impressive locks.

In the photo, he cradles the tot while bottle feeding her.

And as the dad has a bushy beard and thick arm hair of his own, many think the baby’s hair must have been inherited from the family.

The dad captioned the image: “The amount of hair my daughter had at two months old”.

And a cheeky Redditor replied: “Not as much hair as your arm, though. I think she takes after you.”

Another said: “The father’s hairy arms explain everything.”

A third agreed: “Looking at your arm, mate, I think we can take a guess where she got it from.”

And a fourth added: “My daughter was the same, I have a similar nose, beard and arm hair.”

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Others chimed in with amusing suggestions of their own.

A commenter joked: “Did that baby’s mum drink shampoo her entire pregnancy?”

Another said: “Was she born with teeth too? Wow that is a head of hair haha.”

And some said the Reddit picture had reminded them of their own children.

One recalled: “My granddaughter had a lot of hair when she was born and an employee at the local grocery store looked at her and cried, ‘It's just not fair!’ pointing to his balding head.”

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