Travelling pet hates REVEALED: From loud music to bags on empty seats

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More than eight out of 10 of us say it is unacceptable to listen to music so loud that others can hear it (82 percent) or to not use headphones (81 percent).

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“Finally, Britons also place great importance of politeness when travelling, be that offering your seat to someone who needs it more or letting others off before you board.”

People are divided as to whether it is acceptable to put bags on empty seats (51 percent think not) and more than half object to fellow passengers talking loudly to each other (53 percent).

There is strong opposition to not wearing a face mask (63 percent) and drinking alcohol is also frowned upon (65 percent). Eating smelling food and taking your shoes off is also disapproved of by 68 percent and 69 percent of respondents, respectively.

In a clear sign that recent technological advances have created new opportunities to annoy other travellers, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) say it is unacceptable to do a conference call or video call without headphones.

The research shows that Britons hold dear to traditional principles of courtesy. Seventy-seven percent disapprove when someone does not offer a seat to a person who needs it more, and 80 percent say people should not get on board public transport without letting others off first.

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