TK Maxx Christmas advert 2018 – find the neverending stocking and get gifts delivered all year round

TK MAXX has launched a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style treasure hunt – and lucky winners will be given Christmas presents all year round.

Hunters will have to find an ultra-long red-and-white Christmas stocking, which is the star of the retailer's Christmas advert this year.

The chain isn't making it easy for shoppers as there are only a few dozen stockings hidden in stores and online.

But those who do manage to find one when the hunt begins on Wednesday will be given free gifts for them and their whole family once every month for the next year.

TK Maxx told The Sun that it can't reveal how many stockings are available online and in stores but a spokesman said one in every four stores will have one stocking hidden amongst the shelves.

There are about 300 TK Maxx shops in the UK – so there should be about 75 stockings up for grabs across the country.

The stockings can also be found online – but it's not yet clear how shoppers will be able to find them.

The Sun has asked TK Maxx to explain how exactly the treasure hunt works and all the terms and conditions and we will update this story when we hear back.

The stocking is the focus of this year's Christmas advert, which tells the tale of a woman who finds a magical "neverending" stocking at a branch of TK Maxx.

She brings it home and it spews out presents, including loofahs, handbags and ride-on toys, all year round.

When Christmas comes back around again, the stocking disappears up the chimney and flies off into the night – ready to be found again.

The advert, which will air on Friday evening, accompanied by a witty voiceover from veteran actor Bill Nighy.

Now TK Maxx is turning the fantasy story – which is clearly inspired by the 1985 classic children's film The Neverending Story – into reality.

Deborah Dolce, group brand and marketing director at TK Maxx said: “We love to offer our customers more than they bargained for, and the never-ending stocking seems the perfect festive way to bring that to life.

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"We can’t wait for lucky shoppers to find these hidden around our stores (and online in the UK) so that we can give them surprising gifts all year round.

"This is a suitably bonkers TK Maxx way to add a bit of fun to both Christmas TV viewing and also Christmas present shopping."

TK Maxx is the latest retailer to launch its Christmas advert after Argos, Lidl, Asda, and Aldi all released theirs last week.

Fans have pointed out that Aldi's Christmas advert starring loveable Kevin the Carrot once again mocks the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck.

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