Thousands of struggling households can get FREE cash to spend on food as prices soar at the supermarket

THOUSANDS of struggling households could get their hands on FREE cash to spend on food at the supermarket.

It comes as prices on store shelves rocket to all time highs, and shoppers grapple with a cost of living crisis.

Rising inflation means the price of everything is going up, so plenty of consumers are left worrying about how they'll cough up funds for the next bill through the door, or to get food on the table.

The government pilled extra money into the Household Support Fund this year though, to help ease the pressure for some bill-payers, whose wallets are already stretched.

Another £500 million was added to the pot so more families and low income households could benefit.

And plenty of councils have started to part with the cash they have been given.


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One of those is Southampton City, offering struggling residents a branch of support in the trying times.

Exactly how much you can get could depend on your circumstances though.

Southampton Council hasn't revealed just how much its residents can claim but it has announced it is offering e-vouchers that can be used in most of the major and local supermarkets.

That includes Tesco’s, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Asda and Aldi.

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Plenty of other councils have announced a blanket amount for anyone eligible for their own criteria – the local authorities get to dish out the cash however they please, after all.

For example, Reading Council is giving pensioners energy vouchers worth £98, and families a sum of £49 to help cover similar costs.

Meanwhile, eligible residents Norfolk can get £120 in food vouchers to cover meals for kids, with the council's latest hand-out.

Plus there's a chance to claim up to £180 in support for those living in Cornwall, and parents in Brighton and Hove could get £105 to cover essentials over the school breaks coming up this year.

Southampton residents, for now, will just have to get their applications in if they think they need the support.

You can apply online or speak to the council on 023 9401 6642 for more assistance.

And you should get a response on the outcome of your application in no time at all – as the council has explained it will make a decision within 10 days.

If you don't live in the area though, you don't need to miss out either.

The Household Support Fund is rolling out nationwide until September this year.

Money from the fund has been dished out to local councils, whose decision it is to allocate help to those that need it most.

Each council offers up something different, and eligibility rules can vary too.

It's best to check in with your own local authority to find out what may be up for grabs as well as how you can apply.

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