This woman lost her phone at Reading Festival and was amazed to find a video message from the kind girls who handed it in

A WOMAN has been left with her faith in humanity restored – after she lost her phone at Reading Festival, only for it to be handed in by three kind strangers, who also left her a heartwarming video message.

Kayleigh Budd, from Essex, was shocked and delighted to find that her phone had been taken to the event's lost property tent – along with footage of the good Samaritans who picked it up.

In the message, the three girls said: "Hi, we found your phone. So, it's at lost property – we hope you find it. I'm Charlie, this is Zoe and I'm Georgia. So have a sick rest of Reading and don't worry, we hope you see this when you find it."

Sharing her heartwarming experience, Kayleigh then posted the footage on Twitter, writing: "Lost my phone at Reading and these girls found it omg love them!!"

Twitter users then got involved in an attempt to identify the three girls – who turned out to be Charley Garcia-Diaz, Zoë Mansfield-Nieberg and Georgia Shakeshaft, three 17-year-olds from Hertfordshire.

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The kind-hearted girls then got in touch with Kayleigh via Twitter, assuring her that they were "glad they could help".

Telling the story to getreading, Charley explained: "We're all just really happy that she was able to retrieve all those memories from the festival.

"It's a funny story really, as we were walking out of the arena back to camp I said to Zoë and Georgia how funny it would be if the owner of the phone reached out to find us after seeing the video.

"We were completely unaware that she would and that's the God's honest truth."

She added: "We were all just walking and then as we looked down we saw the phone, I picked it up and said that we should take it to lost property.

"After all, I'd hate to think that if I lost my phone at my first festival that nobody would hand it in."

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