This TikTok About Jennifer Aniston Clearing Her Throat In ‘Friends’ Is Mind-Blowing

There are so many iconic things about Rachel Green: her fashion sense exemplified the ’90s, her rollercoaster relationship with Ross redefined how dating culture thinks of "breaks," and her signature haircut was such a massive moment everyone was asking their hairdressers for The Rachel. But now, a small but persistent detail about the fashion-obsessed New Yorker is changing how Friends fans watch the show. This TikTok about Jennifer Aniston clearing her throat in Friends will have you rewatching all of Rachel’s scenes with a whole new focus.

All six of the main characters in Friends had certain ways of speaking that made them unique, from Chandler’s dry sarcasm to Monica’s tense, up-tight outbursts. For Rachel, Aniston infused the privileged fashionista with relatable, expressive reactions, but there’s a certain vocal tic that hardcore Friends fans just cannot unsee once they pick up on it. Rachel is constantly clearing her throat before she begins speaking.

Some Friends fans have known about this idiosyncratic throat-clearing for years, but now it is being revealed to the rest of the unsuspecting viewers through a TikTok video that has recently gone viral. In response to a prompt about tropes in media, TikTok user @cts.trphe showed various clips of Rachel clearing her throat on Friends, noting "it’s very hard to unsee once you notice it."

This isn’t the first time a Friends fan has called out Rachel’s constant throat-clearing. The TikTok actually only clips out a small section of a much longer YouTube compilation of Rachel’s vocal tic that was posted in 2019. And while certain fans have been aware of this persistent habit since Friends was airing back in the ’90s and early 2000s, there are definitely a ton of people who never picked up on it and will be shocked to see how persistent it is upon a rewatch.

Now that you are one of the several people who have been made aware of this small but significant detail, you are sure to notice Rachel clearing her throat several times an episode next time you watch your favorite episodes of Friends. Hopefully that doesn’t ruin things for you, because while the habit could be a bit annoying for some, picking up on it also adds a fun new dimension to a show fans have watched and rewatched a million times.

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