This summer women are embracing Big Divorce Energy

Around two years ago, we all became aware of BDE.

Big Dick Energy. We convinced ourselves that Pete Davidson had it for a very brief period while he was dating Ariana Grande – but even though it was short-lived for Pete, the concept of BDE is enduring.

Big Dick Energy is all about the vibe you give off. An implicit confidence and self-assurance that gives the clear impression that you are well endowed – regardless of whether or not you actually are. And you can possess BDE even if you don’t have a penis.

Now there’s a new BDE on the block that has nothing to do with genitalia – Big Divorce Energy.

This is the palpable vibe of confidence, self-assurance and new-found freedom that flows from the very pores of someone who is newly divorced, or soon to be divorced – and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

The first recorded evidence of Big Divorce Energy can be found in a photo of Nicole Kidman taken after finalising her divorce papers from Tom Cruise in 2001.

She is standing in the sun with a look of determined joy on her face, head thrown back, arms stretched wide, basking in, one can only assume, the tantalizing promise of her imminent singledom.

As the icing on the cake, Miley then wore an audaciously killer outfit to her divorce hearing. All black, plunging neckline, big glasses, barely-there stilettos, and absolutely zero f***s.

Another study found that divorced fathers are more likely than divorced mothers to experience depression, and more likely to self-medicate with alcohol.

So if you notice a positive change in a friend who has been divorced recently – Big Divorce Energy might be behind it.

It’s transformative, empowering, and flips the tragic ‘woman scorned’ stereotype completely on its head.

Embracing BDE could be just the thing to help someone transition through an incredibly difficult period of their lives.

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