This Spooky Version of To All the Boys I've Loved Before Is So Spot-on, It's Frightening

If you really think about it, there’s a thin line between romantic comedies and horror flicks. You only need to look at things from a slightly different angle to see stories of admiration easily become tales of obsession. Take To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, for example. In honor of the Halloween spirit, Netflix gave its hit Summer rom-com a spooky makeover with a horror movie trailer, and the results are truly twisted.

While fans of the movie adaptation are celebrating Halloween with clever Lara Jean costumes, the streaming service gave us all something a little more frightening to remember the film by. Sure, the real movie swept us off our feet, but what if Lara Jean’s “powerful” and “all-consuming” emotions got the best of her? *shudder* To All the Boys I’ve “Killed” Before?! No, thank you! We still have our fingers crossed for a potential sequel, but Netflix better not be getting any scary ideas.

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