This 'Home Alone' Ad Brings Kevin McCallister Back to Life

Macaulay Culkin | Google Instagram

Thanks to Google Assistant, Home Alone fans got a small glimpse of how a grown Kevin McCallister got to spend Christmas–home alone. Macauley Culkin, now 38, reprised his iconic role of a child whose family forgot to take him on a European holiday vacation.

The revival could not have been more hilarious, considering middle-aged “Kevin” tries to recreate the historic time he had the house to himself as a child on Christmas. But this time he has the advantage of using Google technology, which means his time alone goes a little differently than it did during John Hughs’ 1990 film.

Google plays a major part in being home alone

Unlike the early ’90s, life in 2018 is dictated by devices. Kevin spends his day referring to Google Assistant to remind him what he’s doing that day (he’s home alone). Plus he turns to the device to remember to pick up some aftershave and wash the sheets on the bed he’s jumping on.

Most of the same Home Alone music plays in the background as Kevin muddles through his day, still thwarting bumbling robbers in the end. This time, though he programs lifesized cutouts to populate his home while riding on top of Roombas.

This is why the ad is so funny

The once spry young Kevin has aged. Just like the rest of us. So when he’s youthfully jumping in the bed, he remembers his aging body and suddenly grabs his back and falls to his knees. Also, unlike Kevin the child, he now shaves like a pro. Although he wants Google to remind him to buy aftershave.

Also, young Kevin outsmarted the pizza guy by projecting dialog from a gangster movie in an outdoor speaker. The pizza delivery man gets so scared he leaves the pie and runs. However this time, when he askes the pizza guy what he owes him via speaker, the pizza delivery guy says, “Uh, you paid online?” Kevin gleefully hits the movie dialog for the pizza delivery guy to “keep the change.” But this time, instead of being scared, the unphased kid says, “Ok, cool.”

Culkin teased about the commercial on Twitter before it debuted. All he posted was #heygoogle. Which received a resounding response. “The two best ever Christmas movies are going on tonight. #HomeAlone.”

And all the iconic ‘Home Alone’ elements are still relevant

Macaulay Culkin | Macaulay Culkin Instagram

The special Home Alone house still brings fans back to the beloved Christmas film. The stately appointed exterior is lit with the famous Christmas lights.

Plus the interior design stands up to the test of time. Google did a great job of recreating each detail down to the wallpaper in the bedroom. Or the very 1990’s decor. One difference is a more mature Kevin is wearing a bathroom while apply his aftershave. Plus, this time Kevin seems to be more comfortable with being home totally alone. In fact, he relishes it.

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