This Congressman Just Put Every One of His Colleagues on Blast (Exclusive)

“These guys go to the restroom and check their opinion polls if they can use two ply or single ply toilet paper.”

There’s a lot of cross-aisle fire in American politics — the country was practically built on it.

But one Representative from Tennessee is taking aim at everyone in Congress… his own and opposition party alike.

According to Republican legislator Tim Burchett, his colleagues are not interested in helping the public, they are only interested in staying in power, and are even pretending to work remotely while they are really on vacation.

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He even took a shot at his own party leader Mitch McConnell, who went from blaming Donald Trump for the Capitol riots to saying he would “absolutely” support him in 2024 — which Burchett describes as “pretty close” to the swampiest move of all time.

“I suspect he’s reading his opinion polls,” he said, claiming the minority leader has both eyes on his next primary election.

“This is a political town, dude,” he said. “These guys… they go to the restroom and check their opinion polls if they can use two ply or single ply toilet paper.”

While Donald Trump claims he is a shoo-in as nominee in four years time, Burchett insists nothing in politics is set in stone.

“Four years… I mean six weeks is a lifetime in politics. Up here a weekend can flip the country,” he said.

Promises to “drain the swamp” are fundamentally empty ones, by Burchett’s logic, as “the swamp consumes everybody up here.”

“The name of the game up here is just staying in power,” he said. “That’s the name of the game.”

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“They don’t care about the country. They don’t care about the Republicans. They don’t care about the Democrats. You or me. Staying in power. ‘I want the posse. I want the airplane. I want the entourage. I want the respect. When I walk into a restaurant I want everybody to turn around.'”

“You can see my entourage,” he joked, gesturing to the empty space behind him. “I’m the 435th most powerful person in Congress.”

The hefty security around the Capitol now, he claimed, is “a façade.”

“It’s all about symbols. It’s a joke really. There is no security. It’s a joke. It’s a complete and total joke,” he scoffed. “It’s a façade. All it’s doing is keeping the American public out when we’re spending more money — the printers are running overtime printing all that money we’re spending.”

Even the FBI and Capitol police command came in for a pasting, with one saying there is a threat and the other saying there is not.

“They gotta get their heads together. It’s a rivalry,” he said. “Capitol police are good people, but I’m afraid their leadership are the swamp.”

His last broadside was reserved for his Congressional colleagues, many of whom he claimed are pretending to be remotely working.

“We’re not working. This is a joke man,” he said. “When we work mobily they focus in on the people, and you can hear seagulls in the background. People are at the ocean. People are at the lake. People are on vacation.”

“It’s a total farce, and the American public I think they’re wise to it. I think they’re just so fed up with it.”

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