These Jean-Partrique non-stick pans are on sale for £30 off

‘Cooked food just glides off’: These non-stick pans that users say are a ‘joy to use’ will change how you cook – and they’re on sale for £30 off

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With price tags of £100 upwards, pans are a serious investment for any home cook, but one premium granite pan set is racking in hundreds of five-star reviews, and it costs just £59.99 for three. 

The Stonetastic pans from Jean-Patrique are helping scores of shoppers in the kitchen thanks to its completely non-stick, scratch-resistant surface that makes cooking a breeze and cleaning even easier.

This premium granite pan set from Jean-Patrique can help make cooking a breeze thanks to the totally non-stick, scratch-resistant surface.

The granite coating gives outstanding strength and durability, while the lightweight nature means you can transfer it effortlessly around the kitchen.

You can cook faster, healthier, tastier meals with this premium granite pan set with a non-stick surface 

The silky smooth non-stick surface perfectly fries eggs, sears meats, browns onions and crisps bacon effortlessly. And the best news? The three-piece set is currently discounted from £89.99 to £59.99 for a limited time only. 

Home cooks and professional chefs alike are obsessing over a range of stylish pans that promise to be totally non-stick. 

The Jean-Patrique Stonetastic Granite Non-Stick Pans are made out of granite triple-layer non-stick coating that’s reinforced with stone, creating an exceptionally tough surface.

Protecting the pan from bumps and scrapes, you’ll also need less oil than with other pans meaning all your meals are healthier from the start.

While cast iron pans are traditionally seen as the best in terms of quality and durability, they can be very heavy – not to mention incredibly expensive. 

The £59.99 Stonetastic Granite Non-Stick Pans (set of three) are constructed from forged aluminium with a granite coating that rivals cast iron in terms of outstanding strength and durability.

While built to last, they’re substantially lighter, meaning they’re easier to use around the kitchen. They’re even safe for any heat source, including induction hobs and ovens.

The pans’ most impressive feature, however is the completely non-stick surface which allows you to cook up a range of meals effortlessly. Users have raved about how ‘food glides off’ and is ‘remarkably easy to clean’.

The three-piece set is compatible with all types of hob, including induction, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and solid plate. It’s also oven safe up to 280 degrees 

Other clever design details include the generous depth that prevents splattering but is short enough for perfect sears.

The Stonetastic Granite Non-Stick Pans have gained over 2,000 reviews on the company’s own website and over 300 glowing five-star reviews on Amazon. 

One impressed shopper wrote: ‘An excellent set of pans. Heat up quickly and evenly and require very little oil. Best non-stick surface I’ve ever had, clean so easily, any residue from frying just slides off. Would thoroughly recommend them.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘These pans are a dream to use, foods that I find normally stick don’t and oil use and washing up are absolute minimal. Thoroughly recommend so far, I’ve had them about four weeks, love using them.’

A third penned: ‘I love these pans. They just wipe clean with a dishcloth, no scrubbing. The food does not stick so they cook fantastically with the minimum of oil, or fry light if you are counting the calories. They aren’t too heavy to handle and they cook very efficiently.’

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