The type of boss you are according to your star sign

From strict Scorpio to aggressive Aries: Celebrity astrologer reveals what kind of boss you are according to your star sign – and how to impress each one

  • Sometimes it’s hard to know how your boss likes things to be done
  • Celebrity astrologer Nicolas Aujula revealed how each sign behaves at work
  • The A-list zodiac expert explained how to handle and impress your employer
  • He shared strengths, weaknesses and advice on how to nab an elusive pay rise 

Navigating workplace politics is never an easy feat, especially when it comes to fostering balanced relationships with your superiors.

Understanding your employer’s personality and style of working can help you to secure career success and financial security.

To help you play your cards right with every kind of boss, Hollywood astrologer Nicolas Aujula revealed how each star sign behaves on the job.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the behavioural coach also shared tips on how to nab ever-elusive pay rises and promotions.

Gemini bosses are expert multi-taskers and stellar communicators, but are easily distracted and prone to anxiety; Cancer leaders are great listeners and seek harmony, although they can be demanding and overly particular about how things are done (stock image)


Aries are born leaders – known for their dynamism and quick decision making, they are ambitious and adventurous go-getters.

But frequently prone to selfishness, Aries can also be aggressive, confrontational and overly blunt – never expect the Ram to spoon feed you, as for them initiative is a requirement.

They are forthright and demanding at work, expecting their personal level of high-octane energy their staff.

Because of their dedication and passionate nature, working with Aries requires you to be direct and quick with military precision if you want to earn their trust and respect. 

Impress them by coming up with innovative ways to complete tasks and show enthusiasm about taking on extra responsibility.

How to get a pay rise: Be direct as there is no beating around the bush with this boss. You’ll get an answer straight away, and you can be it will be blunt.

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Taurus is stable, practical and careful, a firm but fair level head always welcomed in stressful workplace situations.

But the grounded Bull is often inclined to be bossy, stubborn and rigidly infelxible, preferring a strict way of running a business with clear rules and regulations. 

Mostly opting for behind-the-scenes roles, Taurus can also be lazy and unwilling to get their hands dirty, expecting employees to do all the grunt work.

For this reason, they will likely give you a broad degree of independence which suits many employees. 

As a result, you may need to speak to your Taurus boss if you feel you or your colleagues need additional support or training. 

They won’t be rushed into decisions, preferring to mull things over but ultimately their considered opinion tends to be right.

How to get a pay rise: Be very patient as the prudent bull will leave you waiting for quite some time, maybe even a few months whilst they figure out how much they are willing to offer (if anything). 

Hollywood astrologer Nicolas Aujula (pictured) revealed how the professional strengths and weaknesses of every star sign to help you navigate the workplace under different leadership styles


Lively, logical and a stellar communicator, Gemini is an expert multi-tasker who can talk on the phone, check emails and guide you through a task all at once.

Always full of creative ideas, Gemini is prone to fickle changes of mind and easily becomes distracted and nervous. 

Employees need to think ahead at all times and read between the lines where a Gemini is in charge, as it’s always best to have other options on the table so you can act fast when needed.

That said, the twin is the ultimate team player who enjoys working as part of a group and sharing ideas with everyone. 

They loathe working alone and are liable to overstep the mark between professional and personal in their communication style thanks to their penchant for gossip. 

Because of their team-centric nature, Gemini’s are not born leaders but expert delegates with their eye firmly on the bigger picture. 

If you can’t take a joke, you won’t last long with this friendly but fast-paced boss, so if you’re a super serious type you may need to lighten up. 

To impress, technology minded Geminis love creative presentations and willing participation in team building exercises will get you noticed.

How to get pay rise: Persuade them of your recently found grander title in the workplace, it may just do the trick.


Born with empathy, the Crab is caring and harmonious and creates friendly relationships at work while also being a good listener.

They are one of the most caring and sympathetic signs to work for and make you feel at home if your going through a difficulty.

But a Cancer boss can be demanding, moody and very particular about how things are done, expecting employees to understand their wishes without asking.

Cancer’s decision making is often coloured with emotion meaning logic and rationale is not their forte.

Loyalty is treasured by Cancer so betrayals and speaking of sensitive company or personal information will get you in their bad books for life. 

They reward considerate team members so remember your colleagues’ birthdays or bring in home made cakes to help raise you in their eyes.

How to get a pay rise: Offering them regular cakes, cookies and chocolate might prompt them to increase your pay check.


Confident, open hearted and loud Leo is a born leader, partly in thanks to their power-hungry nature.

Leo bosses shine through in public positions, which often serves to highlight their proud and self-obsessed tendencies.

The tempestuous Lion is usually annoyingly right in professional decision making, but underneath their brash exterior they often hide a deep sense of insecurity. 

They tend to be fair and impartial in their work, so long as their authority is not questioned nor their position threatened. Expect to be a side-kick rather than an equal partner to any Leo figure head.

Any concerns should always be discussed in private as the worst thing you could do is to humiliate them in front of others – once you hurt Leo’s pride, you can wave goodbye to career progression so if you have desires to move up you might need to consider moving on.

Avoid talk about them behind their back as somehow they’ll sense it and can be vicious if they smell gossip.

To impress, show respect and support to present them in the most flattering light and in return they will fight your corner in regards to employee rights and benefits.

How to get a pay rise: Feed their ego and explain how wonderful is it to work with such a great leader – it might just swig you a raise.


There is good reason why analytical, intelligent and realistic Virgo is renowned for being successful in all aspects of life.

The logical and practical Virgo boss is unrelentingly dedicated and always has their finger on ten different pulses due to their detail oriented personality. 

But Virgo is inclined to be critical, both of themselves and of others, as well as unsympathetic and sometimes cold. 

They cannot tolerate mess or disorganisation, and hold others to the same high standards of dress, presentation and ability.  

Virgo leaders are known to check employees work with a fine tooth comb so expect to be pulled up if all is not going well – their intention is always good and you should listen as criticism is meant for your self-improvement. 

To meet this Earth signs impeccable standards, impress them by turning up on time, being immaculately presented and painstakingly accurate in all you do. 

Facts and figures play a large role in their thinking, so it’s essential to know what your talking about when asked – otherwise expect to be made to look stupid so it’s wise to develop a thick skin.

They highly value their time with a razor sharp focus on the task at hand, so don’t expect sympathy or understanding if you are going through personal problems.

Praise may be rare but when it comes it is genuine and with real appreciation.

How to get a pay rise: Put it in letter form stating why you think you deserve a pay rise. When you’ve proved your neat and perfect you’ll be informed via writing.


Popular and likable Libra makes for an utterly charming boss who is always well put together.

But due to their self-defeating, needy nature, they are often unable to make decisions and thus get on the nerves of all who surround them. 

Libra will mull over a dozen ways to proceed and when they decide it is likely to be the first option that was proposed, wasting valuable time. 

While fair and just, Libra can also be vain and get caught up in meaningless disagreements, so only fight your corner if the point is valid.

Being a social butterfly, a Libra boss wants to be popular and liked which can often undermine their professional efforts.

Inclined to take everything too personally, you must choose your words carefully around Libra and respect them – otherwise they’ll cut you to shreds with their mental sharpness and quick wit.

This boss likes to promote harmonious atmosphere and team spirit, so impress them by showing your diplomatic skill in difficult situations.

How to get a pay rise: Libra likes to be liked so making them feel like your best friend could bag you a pay rise (but expect them to be indecisive when it comes to the amount).


Focused, powerful and protective Scorpio makes for a hard working and dominant boss.

Comfortable in the drivers seat, they refuse to let anyone undermine their authority which often comes across as stubborn and unforgiving. 

They set high standards for their employees and expect everyone to give their very best, being able to work until they drop without a break.  

But if you can impress with intensity and passion for what you do they’ll reward you with responsibility and progression. 

If you anger or betray them, your mistakes can cost you your pay check or even your job, as this is one boss who never forgets. 

Their natural instinct for human behaviour means they can read people extremely accurately, so don’t try to fool your Scorpio superior or you’re sure to be found out. 

Loyal to those they respect and trust, they will protect and look after your needs in all situations. 

If you can put up with their intense drive, you can develop a meaningful and successful working relationship.

How to get a pay rise: Work when others go home and offer them a well researched manifesto of company improvements.

Likeable Libra craves approval and struggles with decision making, while serious Scorpio can alienate staff with their incredible intensity and high expectations (stock image)


Sagittarius is an optimistic visionary known for their razor sharp smarts.

Full of big plans and ideas, they sometimes overestimate their capability to deliver what they promise – whilst they can see the bigger picture they often miss out the smaller details essential to get the task done.

The Archer is prone to making promises they cannot keep, as well as being unclear in their directions and unsympathetic when you fail to understand their ambiguous instructions.

They often move forward without informing employees of their plans, and this lack of communication can become a pet peeve leading to disruption and confusion.

Impress them by keeping them on schedule and reminding them of the finer details. 

Despite this, their risky ideas often pay off and Sagittarius bosses are known for their good luck which enables them to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Loud and blunt in their approach, don’t be offended by their brash character – they are usually fair and ethical employers who love to help their employees learn and grow.

How to get a pay rise: Invite your boss to play tennis at lunchtime or for cycle after work. Allow them to win and they may just give in.


The Goat is determined, matter of fact and perpetually results driven, a fact which can make a Capricorn boss seem a little overbearing and similar to a parent. 

Their authoritarian and calculated nature can lead them to treat subordinates like children, expecting them to heed every command and instruction without question. 

Expect to respect deadlines, be responsible and work long hours, as they often put work ahead of everything else and expect the same from you.

Money is what drives this Earth sign, so wave your personal life to one side, as Capricorn couldn’t care less about family commitments or date nights.

Cautious and calculating, they stick to tried and tested methods to yield results, meaning there is little scope for innovation which can leave you feeling stuck in the same old routine.

But although this ‘bossy’ boss can seem dull and overly rigid, they are dependable, reliable and always reward loyalty and hard work.

Capricorn can’t abide lateness, immaturity or vanity, so save your designer gear, jewellery and sexy clothing for out of office hours.  

How to get a pay rise: This calculated boss is stingy so impress by improving a process that can save the company millions (just don’t expect a six figure reward).

Visionary Sagittarius is inclined to make promises they cannot keep, while Capricorn is unrelenting in their demands of employees and struggles to understand that individuals have commitments outside the workplace (stock image)


Innovative, open-minded and always ethical, Aquarius is a free thinker which makes them a rather unique breed to work with. 

They often prefer to work alone because they loathe the thought of ordering others around, which can lead to perceptions of impatience, unpredictability and aloofness. 

The Water Bearer expects employees to take independent initiative and ownership of their work, so don’t expect them to check on your every move. 

It’s essential to be on the ball and if you’re someone who needs a lot of direction, you’ll feel lost under Aquarius. 

They are fun to collaborate with (when they can be found) and always treat staff with respect, and you can bet a professional relationship with an Aquarius employer will boost your creativity.

Impress by suggesting new innovative ideas, quirky methods and out of the box thinking. 

This boss like to push limits, just remember to avoid the phrase ‘we’ve always done it this way’ as you’ll lose respect since they crave innovation. 

Using new technological advances to improve work efficiency will really gain you major brownie points

How to get a pay rise: Write an email explaining all the out of the box ideas you have implemented. Prove your a creative genius.


Empathetic, down to earth and fluid Pisces are brilliant motivators and creative thinkers, and are known to inspire and encourage employees at every step.

They are visionaries who see the bigger picture, but their vulnerable personalities leave them open to easy manipulation and coercion.

The Fish is simply swayed and not always interested in the day-to-day managerial tasks that are best left to the more practical types.

Their intense connection to emotions means they are usually extremely tolerant towards the needs and feelings of their employees – sometimes too much so.

This boss values talent but can overlook the finer details, so get on their good side by organising schedules and helping them stay on top of things they would normally overlook. 

Their changeable emotional nature can make them seem erratic and a little crazy at times, but if you can put up that they will pick you up when you are down. 

They have a great ability to encourage creativity and motivate you to push boundaries.

How to get a pay rise: Impress the Fish with how you’ve worked to improve details being missed – if you’ve saved the bosses bacon there could be financial reason to celebrate.

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