The secret to Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic eyebrows

Elizabeth Taylor had an unforgettable face: strong eyebrows, bold eyeshadow and red lipstick was her go-to look.

But although the late actress and humanitarian was known to spend incredible amounts of money on her jewelry, she wasn’t picky about skincare or makeup. In fact, according to her longtime makeup artist Francesca Tolot, Taylor would reach for drugstore products just as often as those by Dior or Chanel.

“She would use everything,” the Italian beauty pro, who first met Taylor on the set of a 1985 Vanity Fair shoot with Helmut Newton, told Page Six Style. “She was like a makeup artist would be: whatever works, it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive.”

Often, Taylor would return from overseas film shoots with new products and beauty tips — one of which quickly became a staple in her daily routine.

“She used an eyebrow pencil that was actually a drawing pencil, it wasn’t makeup. It was a special charcoal pencil from Germany,” Tolot revealed.

Despite Taylor’s willingness to use art supplies on her face, however, Tolot said the star would “absolutely not” have been on board with today’s most popular, Kardashian-approved beauty trends.

She was used to having her face very matte and to tell you the truth, photographically, when you’re a little older and you have wrinkles or the skin is not as smooth as when you’re young, highlighter would enhance this problem,” Tolot said. “When you’re young, nothing matters because your skin is like a rose petal, but she would not have agreed to highlighter or contour.”

The “Dynasty” star’s wit and wisdom are well documented — her family estate released a book, “Pocket Elizabeth Taylor Wisdom: Witty and Wise Words from a True Icon,” in August — but there’s one quote her former personal and executive assistant Tim Mendelson said epitomizes her humble nature: “Elizabeth was not vain,” Mendelson told us. “She said all the time, ‘All I see when I look in the mirror is a face that needs washing.’”

Mendelson also shared that Taylor used Jergens lotion and hardly had a skincare routine of note, although she sometimes got facials simply because “they felt good.”

“She was very comfortable with being who she was and aging gracefully and being wise,” Tolot explained. “She had other interests in her life and she had way more important things to think about than how she looked. I never heard her complain about ‘Oh my God, my wrinkles’ or ‘Oh, I’m getting old.’ Never, never.”

“I never tried to change her,” Tolot added. “There was really no reason and no point in changing Elizabeth Taylor.”

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