The incredible ways people have decorated their homes for Halloween

Enter if you dare! Photos reveal how families have transformed their homes into VERY spooky haunted houses for Halloween

  • People around the world have been decorating their homes for Halloween 
  • One house was transformed into a six-eyed monster with fangs around the door 
  • Another was given a facade to look like Michael Myers’ house from Halloween 

Next week excited trick-or-treaters will be knocking on doors in the hope of filling their goody bags with sweets. 

And it seems people are pulling out all the stops to make their houses as spooky as possible in time for their arrival.

A gallery compiled on Bored Panda shows the elaborate ways family homes around the world have been transformed into chilling haunted houses for Halloween.  

One house was made to look like a six-eyed monster, with enormous fangs framing the front door. Another became the site of an apparent UFO crash – complete with dead aliens. 

Below FEMAIL reveals the best Halloween decorations on offer… 

Dead thrilling: A gallery compiled on Bored Panda shows the elaborate ways family homes around the world have been transformed into chilling haunted houses for Halloween. Pictured: a house in the US which was transformed into a haunted graveyard

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Out of this world decorations! This house, which appears to be in the US, decorated their front garden with a giant crashed space ship and an alien, putting crime scene tape around it

Ghoulishly good! This Halloween lover decorated the entrance to their house with terrifying ghouls holding creepy lanterns. Posted by RobH2112, who appears to be from the US

Monster manor! Baker and Netflix star Christine McConnell transformed her parents’ home into a terrifying six-eyed monster 

Winter is coming! This clever front garden display featured the Night King and his White Walkers standing guard of the house. Posted by Marianne Martinez from Missouri

Magical! This family decorated the tree in the front garden to look like the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter, complete with the Weasley family car. Posted by Instructables user njdev95av, who is based in the US

What lies beneath! This home owner created a scary display by digging a hole and putting fake hands and red light under it, before covering it with a wooden board

So spooky! The people who live in this home created a facade of Michael Myers’ house from Halloween in front of their real house. Posted by Alex Sanchez from Chicago

Hollywood blockbuster! This home put up two enormous Transformers in their front garden for Halloween. Posted by Reddit user Awes0me123, who appears to be from the US

Pumpkins on parade! This person decorated their roof terrace with a display of rather sinister looking pumpkins. Posted by Redditor ChocolateConrad, who appears to be from the US

Come play with us! These Grady twins dolls look very sinister lit up at the end of an alleyway. Posted by Reddit user Teflonica, who appears to be from the US

 Creepy crawlies! This front porch was decorated with enormous spiders and cobwebs and would be terrifying for someone afraid of creepy . Posted by Flickr user deadspider

Jacked-o-lantern! This muscular looking pumpkin mad keeps watch from the potrch while wearing a vest, jeans and a baseball cap. Posted by US Reddit user rishinerevetla

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