The average cost of attending a wedding in 2023 will make your eyes water

For some, the joy of being invited to a wedding is dampened by one unavoidable obstacle: money.

It’s becoming even more expensive to attend a wedding — and the soaring costs are pricing out some guests who can’t afford to shell out. 

The average cost of attending a wedding is now, shockingly, almost £1,000. That’s half of what the average Brit earns in a month. 

You can’t put a price on love, but you can definitely put one on celebrating it. 

Weddings guests expect to spend, on average, £981 for a wedding, according to a new survey from American Express. 

The survey asked 2,000 people across the UK to tot up their wedding guest costs. They had to factor in childcare for weddings that don’t allow children to attend and accommodation near to the venue. 

Then there’s travelling to the venue, and buying a new outfit for the occasion. 

Where is all the money going?

These were the costs that wedding guests said they were likely to face in 2023:

Gifts for the couple: £217.90
Accommodation: £203.90
Childcare: £202.70
Travel: £196.20
Outfits and accessories: £160.30 

Total: £981

The survey also found that many couples are choosing to fly abroad to tie the knot, with Spain and Ireland being among the top spots. 

The number of wedding guests is on the rise too, jumping from 66 in 2022 to 74 this year. 

If extravagance is on the cards, some guests expect those getting married to foot the bill to help ease their costs.

A separate survey by wedding supplier Ginger Ray found that a third of wedding guests (34%) think those tying the knot should pay for guest accommodation. 

Interestingly, those who earn more expect more. Nearly half of Brits with a salary of £55,000 per year or more said they would be bothered if their accommodation wasn’t paid for, compared to just 31% of those who earn £15,000 or less a year.

Meanwhile, more than 63% of Brits said it was acceptable to turn down an invite if the costs are too much. 

Our advice if you’re getting married this year? Think about the the costs for your guests – your wedding might be one of several they’re expected to fork out for this year.

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