‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Teaser Reveals Allison Is Back From the Dead

The wolf pack is back. The first teaser for the upcoming film sequel to “Teen Wolf” was released at Comic-Con on Thursday, showcasing the return of the original show’s cast in the Paramount+ original movie.

One of the biggest reveals of the trailer came in the final moments, when Crystal Reed’s character Allison returns from the dead.

“I wanted to make sure I did the character justice,” creator Jeff Davis said at the “Teen Wolf” panel. “Having her back was amazing. I texted Crystal, ‘We don’t really have a story yet. I mostly have ideas but I always said if I was gonna do a movie, I would bring back Allison.’ She texted back and said that she burst into tears. She was in from that moment.”

When asked about what it was like working with Reed again, star Tyler Posey — who was happy to report that the cast could finally swear in the more mature “Teen Wolf” movie — said it was “fuckin’ awesome.”

“We’ve grown up. For Scott, it fuckin’ rocks his world. He doesn’t know what to think,” Posey teased on the panel.

In the series, Allison died at the end of Season 3, after Reed decided to leave the show. The teaser, however, reveals that the character is back from the grave under mysterious circumstances. After footage of several characters from the original series struggling against shadowy new enemies, with a bombastic narrator predicting their downfall, the teaser ends with Scott meeting Allison’s father Chris (Bourne) in the hospital to inform him that Allison is alive, followed by footage of Reed walking in the rain, equipped with a bow and arrow.

“I told Paramount+ I absolutely can’t do another season, and they said ‘What about a movie?’” Davis said. “I realized we were writing a very long movie because we have 20 main characters. I realized I wrote a short Season 7; we’ll see how much lasts in the final cut.” Davis also noted that more “Teen Wolf” may be coming, as long as the fans support it and sign up for Paramount+, he joked.

The panel, consisting of Davis, Posey and Hoechlin, revealed that that the movie jumps far ahead in time, and Scott is now 50 (for the first time, Scott is older than Posey is in real life, the actor noted). Scott has left Beacon Hills and is now living in Los Angeles, where he is living a “normal,” “lonely” life. Derek also has a son, which Hoechlin helped handpick as a producer during the audition process.

An extremely loose adaptation of the 1985 teen comedy starring Michael J. Fox, “Teen Wolf” aired on MTV from 2011 to 2017 and starred Posey as Scott, an ordinary teenager who becomes a werewolf and ends up assembling a “pack” to help defend the town of Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. Over the course of the show’s 100 episodes, he allies himself with a wide array of characters, including werewolf hunter Allison (Crystal Reed), older werewolf Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and banshee Lydia (Holland Roden).

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” sees many main and recurring cast members return to their roles, with Posey being joined by Reed, Roden, Hoechlin, Shelley Hennig, Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Colton Haynes, Ryan Kelley, Melissa Ponzio, Dylan Sprayberry, Khylin Rhambo and Ian Bohen. Davis, the creator of the original series, wrote and executive produced the film for Paramount+.

Although most of the original series cast will be returning for the movie, a few key players will be M.I.A for the wolf pack’s return. Most significantly, Dylan O’Brien, who played fan-favorite character Stiles throughout the show’s entire run, will not return to the film, telling Variety earlier this year that it was a “difficult decision.” In addition, Arden Cho, who played Thunder Kitsune Kira for three seasons, passed on returning after reportedly being offered a lower salary than most of her co-stars.

While there are currently no plans for a new “Teen Wolf” series, the movie isn’t the only werewolf-based property set to premiere on Paramount+ this year. Davis is currently in production on another werewolf show, “Wolf Pack,” which is based on the book series by Canadian horror author Edo Van Belkom and is  not connected to “Teen Wolf.”

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” will premiere on Paramount+ later this year. Watch the teaser below.

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