‘Teen Mom OG’: Tyler Struggles With Nova’s Tantrum Before They Celebrate Carly’s 9th Birthday — Watch

In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Nov. 5 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Tyler disagrees with the way his mom says he should handle his daughter’s tantrum. Watch here!

Tyler Baltierra appears to be at his wit’s end in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Nov. 5 episode of Teen Mom OG. When daughter Nova started having a tantrum during bath-time, Tyler and his mom disagreed on how to handle the situation. “We’re waiting for you by the cake. We want to eat ice cream cake,” Tyler told Nova, as he tried diffusing her tantrum. But no matter what he said, Nova didn’t seem to care. All she wanted was for “mommy” Catelynn Lowell to come clean her — not him.

“Should I just go do it then?” Catelynn asked, but Tyler sternly said, “No.” He wanted her to go into the bathroom and tell Nova that Tyler would be the one cleaning her. “It’s fine — I got all night,” he said defiantly. But once Nova started screaming and crying even louder, Catelynn yelled back, “Hey! Stop right now. Why can’t daddy wash you?” Nova tried explaining herself, but the only word we could understand was “please”, as she begged her mom to clean her.

“I guess you got to pick and choose your battles,” Tyler said as he seemingly gave up on his fight to be the one who cleaned Nova. “Well, I lost that one,” he told his mom as he re-entered the kitchen, leaving Catelynn in the bathroom with Nova. However, Tyler’s mom didn’t feel he handled the situation correctly. She explained, “You can’t let her be the boss. You got to be the boss. [She] can’t always have her way.”

But Nova did get her way. Catelynn washed her, and then the entire family came back together in the kitchen to celebrate Carly’s 9th birthday. Obviously, Carly wasn’t there with them, but Catelynn filmed the cake, a lit candle and everyone singing “Happy Birthday”. See the full video above.

To watch this all-new episode of Teen Mom OG in its entirety, tune into MTV on Monday, Nov. 5, at 9pm!

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