T.I. & Tiny: Super Sweet Reason He Flew Her To South Africa To Visit Him On ‘Monster Hunter’ Set

Tiny Harris jet-set across the world to see her hubby T.I. in Africa, & HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY learned why the trip was so important for them.

We had our questions when we saw that Tiny Harris, 43, had flown all the way across the world just to see her man, T.I., but now – HL has learned the real reason behind her impromptu plane ride to Africa. “T.I. is in Cape Town shooting Monster Hunter with Milla Jovovich and Meagan Good, and Tiny’s there visiting him on set. This trip was very unexpected for Tiny, she was supposed to be on the So So Def tour right now but Jermaine Dupri ended up deciding to cancel most of the shows, the ticket sales weren’t there,” a friend of Tiny’s revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She was pretty bummed about it, so T.I. booked her a ticket to South Africa to be with him so he could cheer her up. You know, that did wonders for her, it turned a bad situation around.” Shout out to T.I. for stepping in to save the day!

Despite their on-again, off-again relationship, the couple are apparently in a good place right now, and their chemistry is stronger than ever. “One thing she adores about Tip is that he’s so good at making her feel good on every level. It’s not just that the sexual chemistry that is so great, he’s also so thoughtful and romantic,” the friend continued. “When he’s good, he’s the best husband ever, that’s why it’s worth it to her to put up with the not so good parts like the side chicks.” In case you don’t remember, the “side chick” the source is referring to is Asia’h Epperson, who was seen in a shocking video that surfaced online, where T.I. was seen slapping her butt.

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