Stranger pays for surgery addict's hair transplant despite full head

Cosmetic surgery addict dubbed ‘Britain’s vainest man’ praises kind stranger for paying £2,550 for him to undergo a hair transplant – despite him already having a full head of hair

  • Sam Barton, 27, has already spent more than £50k on cosmetic procedures 
  • He wanted to look like Joey Essex and got into debt because of his obsession
  • Since then Sam set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for a hair transplant 
  • A stranger paid the cost in full including his flights to Turkey for the operation 

A cosmetic surgery addict has praised a kind stranger for paying £2,550 for him to undergo a hair transplant – despite him already having a full head of hair.

Sam Barton, 27, from Birmingham, who brands himself ‘Britain’s vainest man’, travelled to Turkey in August and underwent a full hair transplant at the expense of a mysterious businesswoman.

He boldly set up a crowdfunding page to ask for the money to fund the procedure because he was unhappy with his ‘thinning hair’. 

The anaesthetic practitioner, who has appeared in a Channel 5 shock documentary about his body dysmorphia, has already racked up more than £50,000 on procedures in a bid to look like TOWIE’s Joey Essex over the past decade.

Just last year the surgery fan also revealed he was making around £2,000-a-week working as a webcam girl, dressing up as a woman.  

Sam Barton, 27, said he was concerned about his hair thinning as he was ageing and so set up a crowdfunding page to source the costs for a hair transplant procedure. Pictured, Sam after his hair grew back following the transplant

A lucky Sam had his entire procedure and flights to Turkey paid for by a mysterious businesswoman who got in contact with and handed over £2,550. Pictured, Sam immediately after the procedure

Sam explained he was unhappy and desired thicker locks, and a woman, who would like to remain anonymous, generously paid for it all. 

‘I didn’t like my hair, so I decided to do something about it.

‘I wasn’t bald but my hair was thin – I am getting old and ugly so I will going under the knife to look as best as I can.

‘Most people don’t understand why I asked random people online to pay for my surgery, but why not?

‘If you don’t ask, you won’t get,’ he boasted.

Sam, who has already had two nose jobs, veneers, Botox and fillers in his cheeks, lips, jaw and chin, said that he didn’t care about what his critics had to say. 

The self-confessed surgery addict said that he didn’t like his hair and ‘wanted to do something about it’ so decided the procedure was the only way forward. Pictured, Sam before earlier this year

‘Many people will criticise me and question why I didn’t pay for it myself which I could but if someone offers then I am not going to say no.

‘I didn’t hunt the lady down and force her to pay, she kindly approached me after seeing my crowdfund me page.

‘Why would I feel bad when I have got free hair?’

He added: ‘Evidently there are people out there who are willing to pay, the woman who funded my hair transplant messaged me.

‘She is very successful and said she admires my bravery and honesty then she offered to pay for it all.

‘It was £2,550 including flights and hotel.’

A total of £15 was donated on Sam’s original crowdfunding page. 

Sam calls himself ‘Britain’s vainest man’ and recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning where he defended his decision to set up a crowdfunding page to pay for liposuction

He recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning where he defended himself for asking for money for liposuction surgery for when he turned 30 as a birthday gift.   

Sam boldly added: ‘If there is one thing, I love more than surgery, it is money and the only thing I love more than money is easy money.

‘I’m not pulling wool over other people’s eyes; I am being straight to the point and open about my funding for surgery.

‘If people are willing to pay then I will let them, I plan on getting more at the expense of others.

‘It is no different to going into a shop and the owner saying “have it all for free” – you wouldn’t argue with her, you would take it.

‘I don’t feel bad, I hope she pays for something else in the future.’

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