#Stayhome guide for Wednesday: Explore Ghibli Museum, be an Insta-cook and more

1. EXPLORE: Ghibli Museum

The Studio Ghibli museum features various creations, including characters from My Neighbour Totoro: (above, from left) Satsuki, Chu Totoro and Mei. PHOTO: GHIBLI MUSEUM/YOUTUBE

A series of short video clips takes you through Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli’s museum in Mitaka, Japan.

Check out its beautiful stained-glass doors, hallways as well as its Straw Hat Cafe.

The museum features the creations of the studio’s Oscar-winning animator Hayao Miyazaki, including its beloved Totoro character. 

Info: Ghibli Museum’s Youtube channel

2. Covid-19 stay-home recipe: Healthy and tasty noodle soup

The Vietnamese-style chicken noodle soup is wholesome and flavourful, with broth made with daikon and kampung chicken, and brown rice noodles. ST PHOTO: HEDY KHOO

With its flavourful broth, this dish may change your mind if you are not a fan of soupy foods or healthy eating.

I love the slippery yet slightly chewy texture of the brown rice Vietnamese noodles – these are not commonly available if you dine out.

Daikon imparts a natural sweetness to the dish. Kampung chicken has a firmer texture and holds up well for dishes like these.


3. LEARN: Be an Insta-cook

Pick up cooking tips from the professionals, as chefs take to Facebook and Instagram to share simple recipes for beginners.

They include Lennard Yeong, in-house chef of luxury home appliance brand Miele Singapore; Eric Low, chef-founder of culinary consultancy Lush Epicurean; and Milind Sovani, culinary director of Chef Milind Sovani Consultancy & Innovation Centre.

Most dishes require basic pantry ingredients and the chefs teach you how to minimise food waste and repurpose leftovers.


4. 30 Days Of Art With NAC: Capturing pandemic emotions on clay

Ceramic artist Fyon Cheong hopes to convey the gamut of emotions people are feeling during this pandemic with a trio of vases titled Put An End To (above). PHOTO: COURTESY OF FYON CHEONG

Ceramic artist Fyon Cheong’s pastel-shaded pots are populated with quirky faces – bulging eyes, pert noses and pursed lips.

For her contribution to the National Arts Council and The Straits Times’ 30 Days Of Art, she has created a trio of vases titled Put An End To. The process of creation, from shaping the clay to glazing to the airbrushing, is captured in a video which can be seen on the Straits Times website (str.sg/30Days).

The 26-year-old graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts says she hopes to convey the gamut of emotions people are feeling during this pandemic. “We veer from one mood to the next – at times enraged and others peaceful. This volatility gives rise to a certain beauty in impermanence, as each emotion is fleeting and cannot be locked down for too long.”



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