Spencer Grammer Details 2020 Stabbing, Extent of Injuries

"I honestly shouldn't have tried to help, but there wasn't a knife involved to begin with"

Spencer Grammer is opening up about being stabbed while trying to break up a fight in New York City in 2020.

The “Rick and Morty” voice actress explained to People the details of the incident and her long recovery in the years since.

“I had a severe hand injury,” she said, revealing that her median nerve and two tendons were severed during the attack. “I haven’t really talked about it before.”

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She explained she “tried to alleviate a fight” that night in July 2020. Grammer had been out in the East Village with a friend when a fight broke out between a patron at a restaurant and a pedestrian who was clearly under the influence. When the situation began to escalate, Grammer and her friend tried to dial back the tension.

“I honestly shouldn’t have tried to help,” she admitted looking back. “But there wasn’t a knife involved to begin with. It was like any normal fight, basically.”

“I didn’t see the person holding the knife, so it’s difficult to say what happened really. Other people said what they saw, so everything revolved around eyewitness testimony,” Grammer said.

She said of the ongoing investigation, “I doubt they’ll ever arrest whomever did it. The crazy thing is, things like that happen so quickly. It all happened in a matter of minutes.”

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Grammer admitted she’s now weary of encountering public altercations as “I know that within five minutes your whole life can change, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Though she’s still dealing with the physical and emotional trauma of the fight, she doubts it will keep her from helping those in sticky situations in the future.

“I think you’re just one of those people who runs to help or you don’t,” she continued. “It’s just in you. And I probably would do that same thing again if I went back in time. Although it has affected my life pretty deeply.”

“My son had to tie my shoes for six months,” she said, referencing her 11-year-old child Emmett. “I’m only now at peace with being able to work again and perform at the productivity level I’d like to. I had to go through crazy rehab after my surgery.”

Spencer Grammer Attacked by Knife-Wielding Man While Trying to 'Prevent Altercation from Escalating'

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