Speed assistance car feature could help drivers save money on fuel costs

The cost of living crisis is crippling many Brits.

With the price of petrol and diesel still quite high, many motorists will be struggling with their finances.

Currently, drivers will have to pay 169.58p per litre of unleaded and 182.36p per litre of diesel on average, according to RAC.

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And while many motorists are waiting for costs to go down, they are being urged to turn on a little-known car feature to help.

Cars with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) can lower costs of fuel, as well as manage their speeding on the roads.

The tech uses video cameras or GPS-linked speed limit data to help drivers stay within the speed limit indicated by road signs.

Once the speed limit is detected, the ISA system will provide a warning to the driver if they exceed the posted speed.

Drivers can choose what they want the warning to sound in new cars.

As soon as the warning sounds, motorists will be able to decide whether they want to slow down or ignore the advice.

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It's worth noting that keeping the system off or ignoring its advice can lead to increased fuel usage.

This is because speeding uses more fuel than driving at a steady, legal pace.

The RAC said driving at a constant speed is crucial when it comes to lowering fuel consumption.

Experts believe driving at 45mph-50mph is the most efficient speed for fuel consumption.

However on some roads the speed limit might be a lot lower so it's important to use the ISA at all times.

The system seems to be quite accurate but there are a few factors that can affect its precision, according to experts.

Weather can also impact ISA systems as if a road is wet, icy, or covered in snow, the ISA system may misread the speed limit.

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