Since my wife hit the menopause, our great sex life has fallen off a cliff | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: SINCE my wife hit the menopause I’ve become celibate overnight. I’m 57 and she’s 53.

We used to have such a great sex life but it has fallen off a cliff after she started getting symptoms at 51.

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I’ve read up a lot about it and I really want to support her.

She says it’s great I take the trouble to understand what she’s going through, but I really miss the passion.

She’s also never very affectionate any more. We used to hold hands in bed.

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Now she turns her back on me and shrugs me off even if I just want a cuddle.

I’m so fed up.

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DEIDRE SAYS: She’s not alone in finding her libido has been hit due to the menopause.

But if there are other symptoms, she can find help through her GP or get a referral to a menopause clinic (


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Until she finds help, my support pack Couples Massage will help you to find an intimate connection without having intercourse.

It may be enough to reignite some of those passionate feelings again.

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