Simple hack shows how to check if a call centre can hear everything when you're on hold

THERE'S nothing worse than being on hold, but now you can check whether the operator can hear everything you're saying with a simple hack.

Spending hours on hold, particularly if you're trying to make a complaint or sort out admin, is extremely frustrating.

Even worse, depending on how you're put on hold, the operator might still be able to listen in.

That means the call centre could overhear anything from you being rude about them, chatting to a family member or going about your day.

Fortunately, a viral TikTok post explains how to tell whether you can be heard in an instance and it all has to do with music.

The account @yourdailydoseoflifehacks says: "When a call centre puts you on hold and you don't hear music, it means you're on mute… and they can hear everything you're saying (good or bad)."

Essentially, even though hold music is annoying, it's a signal that you are safe to chat, complain or even get some chores done – and no one on the line will know.

But if all you hear is silence, then the operator might just have muted themselves and will still be able to hear.

Of course, one simple solution is make sure you mute yourself, then you can be sure no one will hear anything whether there's no music playing or not.

That way, you can also avoid embarrassing situations when you're suddenly taken off hold and the person on the end of the call catches the end of your sentence.

The account @yourdailydoseoflifehacks, which shares a daily life hack, has gone viral after posting the tip.

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