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There’s nothing like jumping in a nice warm shower after a long day… except when, ya know, your shower is covered in dirt, grime and mold. YUCK! We know that cleaning your bathroom, particularly your shower, is usually a hassle, but it’s a necessary thing that we all must do. But what if we told you we have hacks that will make cleaning your shower WAY easier than ever before? You may not necessarily like doing the cleaning thing all of a sudden, but you WILL appreciate that you can suddenly save time and energy.

So before you jump in the shower (no pun intended) with rubber gloves, a bucket of bleach and some prayers, check out these tips and tricks that’ll make your life way easier:

Shower curtains can become super dirty, super quickly. Here’s how you can wash yours using ingredients that are safe AND effective:

Or, if you want to get one step ahead of the game, try this hack to prevent mold from forming in the first place!

Hard-water stains are SO annoying to remove, but you don’t have to break your arm trying to get rid of ’em anymore. Simply mix these ingredients and scrub away and the stains will be gone with minimal effort.

If you notice your water pressure hasn’t been great lately, chances are your shower head is clogged with grime. Instead of running to Home Depot and buying a new one, try this!

You know oven cleaner is good for removing dirt and grime from — you guessed it!! — ovens, but did you know it’s also super helpful for cleaning your shower floor? Click here how one woman discovered this helpful hack that changed the life of her bathroom.

Barely doing anything, going to sleep and waking up in the morning to a clean shower? YES, PLEASE!

Typical bathroom cleaners are FULL of chemicals and the natural ones are super expensive, so a blogger named Chelsea came up with a solution — create her own! Head over to her blog to get the recipe for an easy, chemical-free shower spray that won’t break the bank, but WILL get the job done.

Own a steam cleaner? Take it into the bathroom for a super-effective way to clean stubborn water stains on glass shower doors.

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