Shoppers rave about new Cadbury white chocolate that 'tastes just like old Dream bars'

IF you've been pining for old Cadbury Dream bars, you'll be excited about the brand new Cadbury white chocolate that apparently tastes exactly the same.

Available exclusively in Asda, the new chocolate costs £2 for an 180g bar.

Even better, the supermarket currently has a deal on where you can pick up two bars for just £3.

The chocolate is available both in store and online.

Each 30g serving contains 160 calories, 8.5g of fat and 20g of sugar.

It's also suitable for vegetarians.

Fans of the old Cadbury Dream bars have been raving about the new white chocolate bar, saying it tastes exactly the same.

Court said: "Cadbury’s new white chocolate bar is basically a big version of the old Cadbury’s Dream bar !!! ( if uno, uno ) My prayers have finally been answered".

And Taylor added: "This new Cadbury White chocolate tastes exactly like what the Dream bars used to taste like."

While Soph said: "The new Cadbury’s white chocolate tastes the same as dream used to and I’m happy."

Even customers who didn't pick up on the Dream similarities were praising the new bars and saying they are tasty.

Katie commented: "Can confirm Cadbury’s white chocolate is delicious."

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