Shoppers praise this £22.99 stove-top toastie maker

Shoppers praise this £22.99 stove-top toastie maker that ‘cooks to perfection’ without relying on electricity

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Scores of Amazon shoppers have found a clever kitchen hack that lets you make perfectly cooked toasties without relying on electricity. 

Hailed a ‘brilliant bit of kit’, the Stovetop Toastie by Jean Patrique is wowing shoppers with its ability to quickly cook toasted sandwiches with no heat-up time. Simply place on any gas, electric or ceramic hob and get cooking instantly.

The Stovetop Toastie Maker by Jean Patrique  allows you to cook perfect toasties, toasted sandwiches and more directly on your stovetop without relying on electricity.

When placed on gas, electric, ceramic or Aga, it gets to work instantly, creating crispy, gooey toasties in next to no time.  

Thanks to the Stove Top Toastie by Jean Patrique there’s no more waiting around for traditional electric sandwich toasters to heat up. 

The stove-top toasted sandwich maker allows you to cook perfect toasties, toasted sandwiches and more directly on your gas, electric or ceramic hob.

Not only have shoppers commented on the ‘brilliant’ results, but they’ve loved how quickly it serves up snacks, so much so that they’ve called it an ‘invaluable kitchen tool’. 

Jean-Patrique, the mastermind behind the sell-out Whatever Pan, has put his name to the Stovetop Toastie Maker.

Suitable for use over gas, electric, ceramic and Aga stoves, as well as being perfect for an open fire while camping, the toastie maker is an ingenious kitchen hack.

Completely free of any electrical parts, the Jean Patrique Toasted Sandwich Maker is ready to go when you are, just put it on the hob and get cooking instantly. Toast from two to five minutes on each side, depending on how golden you’d like your sandwich.

Not only is it super quick with no more heat-up time, but shoppers have raved about how it’s ‘remarkably easy to clean’, taking the faff out of making gooey snacks. 

This portable toaster has been hailed a ‘must have’ with shoppers loving how it can also be used outdoors when camping 

With over 1,300 five-star reviews, the stovetop toastie maker is proving to be a huge hit, particularly with those looking for ways to cut down on their electricity bills this autumn. 

‘Oh my giddy Aunt, how did I manage without this little genius of a gadget?!’ penned one delighted shopper. ‘So easy and fast to use. Paninis and toasties in minutes with no mess like the electric toasties makers. This little beauty doesn’t leak, it literally takes minutes to get you food on the plate.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘This is fab for making toasted sandwiches without any electricity. Easy to use and easy to clean.’

A third wrote: ‘Way better than any electric toastie machine I’ve ever bought taste wise! Heats up mega quick too! Recommended.’

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