Shoppers are calling Aldi’s under £20 Airpod dupes ‘good quality’

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Aldi’s Specialbuys are popular with shoppers, and the supermarket have just added a set of wireless headphones, which are a much cheaper version of Apple Airpods.

Maginon In-Ear Wireless Earphones

£24.99 £19.99 View Deal

Aldi’s headphones are wireless, have long usage time and come in a compact case for travel. They are under £20, which is considerably cheaper than Airpods, but they are strikingly similar to the premium brand’s device. Aldi’s Specialbuys usually prove popular, so shoppers will need to be quick to get their hands on these.

Aldi’s Specialbuys section features products across all categories, including home, garden and health and beauty, and is updated twice a week with the supermarkets newest additions.

The price of Apple Airpods depends on the generation, however even the older models come in at over £100 so are unaffordable for many.

Aldi’s version of the headphones are usually priced at £24.99, however they currently have 20 percent off, so shoppers can get them for just £19.99

The headphones are an online exclusive, so they cant be bought in store and could be very popular considering the prices.

Buy: Maginon In-Ear Wireless Earphones (£19.99)

The headphones come in a classic white shade which would suit most people, and the compact carry case is easy for popping into a bag or pocket to use on the go.

Featuring bluetooth connectivity and built-in microphone, the headphones have up to 3.5 hours of playback time and up to 120 hours standby time so they dont need to be charged often, which is handy for travel.

The headphones have a three year guarantee which is good for peace of mind and ensures long term usage.

The case will charge the headphones when they are slotted into place, and the case can be charged while they are in use.

Aldi shoppers are praising the headphones, with 90 percent of reviewers saying they would recommend to a friend.

Cheryl said: ”Excellent value for money. Decent sound quality, connect and charge without issue.”

Bob54 commented: ”Bought these a couple of weeks ago and I am delighted with them. Sound performance is great and they work perfectly with my mobile. Great product, great price another winner from ALDI.”

Jane also added: ”These earbuds were £25. The equivalent Apple ones can be £200 more expensive. They hold their charge for about 3 hours and recharge in the case very quickly. Bargain buy.”

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