Shocking video shows why parents need to keep dishwasher tablets out of reach

An important reminder to all parents: It really is vital that you keep dishwasher tablets safely locked away and out of children’s reach.

To hammer that message home, an Australian paramedic and mum-of-two, named Nikki, has shared a video revealing the harsh effects of dishwasher tablets on skin.

In the experiment, Nikki places a tablet on a slice of ham and leaves it to sit for a few hours.

When she returns, the tablet has dissolved, scorching the ham in the process and eating through it.

‘If this doesn’t illustrate the danger of dishwasher tablets, then I don’t know what will,’ Nikki wrote in the caption.

‘Please store them safely, well out of sight and reach in a locked cupboard.’

Dishwasher tablets can be so dangerous to children because they’re extremely alkaline, meaning they can burn skin as they start to dissolve.

Just playing with a dishwasher tablet can cause the skin harm, but if a child swallows the tablet, this can be fatal.

When swallowed, a dishwasher tablet can burn the oesophagus and airway, making a child unable to breathe.

That’s why most dishwasher tablets will come in a childsafe box – but it’s crucial that parents keep that box closed and locked away. Don’t leave the tablets within a child’s reach for even a second.

Nikki’s video has been flooded with comments from people thanking her for demonstrating just how serious the damage caused by dishwasher tablets can be.

‘My daughter put one of these in her mouth this year – starting vomiting almost instantly,’ wrote one mum. ‘So so scary!’

Another commented: ‘Thank you for informing the public on vital information like this.’

What to do if your child eats a dishwasher tablet:

The moment a child puts a dishwasher tablet in their mouth, it’s vital you remove it quickly and rinse away any trace.

Phone 999 while giving the child small sips of milk or water to dilute the product in their throat.

When you go to the hospital, bring the packaging of the tablet so doctors can easily see what has been ingested.

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