Shocked Teenage Girl Passes Out After Mickey Mouse Gives Her An Awkwardly Long Kiss In Tokyo Disneyland

In a bizarre incident, a teenage girl lost consciousness at Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan, after receiving an awkwardly long kiss from Mickey Mouse.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a spectator filmed the incident where the girl — identified only as Arisu — is featured being kissed by a Disney worker dressed in a Mickey Mouse costume at the Disney Resort which is located in the city of Urayasu. However, the kiss wasn’t a short one and the girl got way more than what she had expected.

As the world’s most famous mouse continued to plant an awkwardly long kiss on the girl’s mouth, she fainted in disbelief because it was too much for her.

Per the report, the video in question went viral on social media and garnered more than 2.65 million views. The report also details that the worker dressed up in the Mickey Mouse costume first got down on one knee to give a gentlemanly kiss on the girl’s hand but shortly afterward drew her toward himself for a long kiss on her lips.

“He then lets go of the girl’s hands and is spotted turning away when she appears to faint and fall over backwards,” the report said. Alarmed by the situation, the Mickey Mouse character then frantically waved his hands in the air to let the spectators know that it wasn’t his fault and he hadn’t done anything.

Arisu, who could be seen in the video wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a Mickey Mouse bag around her neck, is seeing quickly getting back to her feet.

She, however, later said on social media that the incident left her shaken and speechless because it was a “long, long, long kiss.” On her Twitter account, which is in Japanese, Arisu wrote that she “lost the ability to defy gravity,” per Japanese news outlet Sora News 24.

Though it was apparent from her mickey mouse ears and purse that she liked the Disney character, she said that after the kiss, she thinks that Mickey Mouse is “no longer a gentleman,” the Daily Mail article said.

“My brain could not catch up with the series of things I did not expect.”

Per the Soro News 24 article, spectators who saw the incident generally seemed to be delighted with the incident, especially because Arisu wasn’t hurt and Mickey was apologetic. Several people were also happy to find out that they could pass their phone to a Disney worker who could film kids while they meet their favorite mouse.

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