Shelter dogs share letters to Santa in hopes of finding a loving home

‘I’ll be a good boy’: The heartbreaking ‘letters to Santa’ from Britain’s most unwanted dogs who need a new home for Christmas – so, could one of them become YOUR pet?

  • Dogs in shelters across the country are sending Santa letters to find a home
  • Dogs Trust carers are hoping to help find their furry occupants loving families 
  • Include Collie cross Terrier Bobby in Bridgend, who loves treats and soft toys
  • Cooper, three-year-old Beagle needs a home to offer him lots of playtime & toys

With Christmas just around the corner, lonely dogs placed in shelters around the country are hoping to receive the ultimate gift this year in the shape of a new family

Dogs Trust carers have written some letters to Santa on behalf of their charges, in the hope of securing them a new home over the Christmas period, including Cooper, a three-year-old Beagle currently staying at the charity’s Merseyside centre.

Owen Sharp, the Dogs Trust Chief Executive said: ‘It’s very easy to pick a puppy at the click of a button but dogs don’t come with a gift receipt.

‘We take calls all-year-round from people who feel they have no choice but to give up their dog. It can be heart-breaking, even if an owner knows they are doing the right thing,’ he went on. 

‘Dog ownership is wonderful, and we aren’t saying don’t get a dog, we’re just asking that people are sure they are ready for the long-term commitment that comes with it,’ he added. 

‘We hope this year our message “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” comes across loud and clear,’ he concluded. 

While these dogs desperately need a loving home, shelters go through a dedicated screening process in order to ensure they find families best suited to their  personalities and interests.

Bobby is a three-year-old Collie-Terrier who has been looking for a forever home since June 2019. Super clever Bobby is keen to learn new tricks and commands, and is currently undergoing training. He loves treats and toys, but can be quite overwhelmed by new people and new things, and will need an owner capable to keep him up with his training to boost his confidence. A rural setting would suit this pup, who’s currently staying at the Bridgend Dogs Trust centre. He could live with another dog, and is sure to flourish in the right home 

Six year old Lucky is an energetic Labrador-cross staying at Dogs Trust Canterbury. Lucky is an energetic boy who lives for his toys (especially tennis balls) and absolutely loves to play fetch. His favourite thing ever is to play fetch

It takes a bit of time to get to know him, however, Lucky is very affectionate and loyal once he’s built up that trust. He’s looking for an active and adult-only home where he can be the only pet

Ellie has been with dogs Trust Newbury since 2015. Ellie needs to go to a quiet, adult-only home, with very minimal visitors. She would enjoy a rural, countryside or cul-de-sac homes because she’s not a huge fan of hustle and bustle, but loves a settled, relaxed lifestyle. She’s a lovely old lady but will need a bit of time to get to know you and build up that trust and bond. Ellie would need to be the only pet in the home so she can have all the attention

Harley is an eight-year-old Siberian Husky staying at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe who was found as a stray in October. Harley loves her home comforts who thrives on human company and interaction. She likes to be out in the great outdoors and is happy to jump in the car for an adventure. She’s a sweet and gentle ball of fluff who loves to be brushed and have a fuss made of her so would like to be the only pet so she can lap up all the attention. She can live with older teenagers in the home

Lively Teddy is a clever pup who requires a lot of attention and would be perfect for someone with time on their hands throughout the day. He loves treats and would thrive in a quiet home with minimal visitors. Once Teddy has created a bond, he’s as loyal as can be, but his potential family would need to visit at the Basildon Dogs Trust centre several time before taking him home 

Josie is a one-year-old Border Collie that’s sweet and shy and who loves playing with toys. She loves cuddles – once acquainted – and she’s looking for a calm and understanding home that will give her the attention and training she deserves. Her letter to Santa reads: This year I’m spending Christmas at Dogs Trust Ballymore, where i’ll be getting lots of festive treats and even a special doggy Christmas dinner. I’ve been a good girl all year. I’ve got my paws crossed that in the new year a family will welcome me into their home, so I can play with all my toys 

Handsome Ernest is a five-year-old Greyhound currently at Dogs Trust Glasgow. He loves going on walks and is a charming lad, who’s very easy to walk on a lead. Ernest likes to take things slow, and will take his time to get to know you. He’s independent, but will love you with all his heart once he’s gotten used to you. He needs a patient and committed owner who will give him time to adjust. An adult-only home would be beneficial, and independent Ernest can be left on his own for some part of the day

Earnest loves to snuggle and will need to be muzzled and kept on a lead in public, because he can get very excited around small animals. He would thrive in a quiet home where he can explore in secure areas

Cooper is a three-year-old Beagle who is very lively and would love a home with people who understand this gorgeous breed so they know exactly what he needs to be happy and healthy! His friends at Dogs Trust Merseyside say he loves nothing more than being out and about so thoroughly enjoys a long, interesting walk and lots of playtime – he is a clever boy and loves entertaining himself with his toys, which is great fun to watch

When he’s on a walk he loves nothing more than a good sniff so owners that would enjoy playing games with him that mean he can use his natural instincts would be wonderful. He doesn’t like to be on his own so would like people to be around most of the day and he would be happy to share his home with children aged 16 and over

Two-year-old Terrier Charlie arrived at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe in August after a change in family circumstances. He is a shy and sensitive boy around new people and new situations but when he knows and trusts you, he is always happy to see you and loves to have a fuss made of him! He lacks confidence around other dogs but has been making excellent progress with his Canine Carers and has made several doggy friends during his time in kennels. He is searching for an active but quiet adult-only home who have a limited amount of visitors coming and going

Noah is a fun-loving two-year-old American Bulldog who is ready to head off to his forever home, which he would be happy to share with another dog so they can have as much fun as possible together. Noah loves nothing more than a day trip in the car with the promise of an exciting adventure, playing with his toys and learning new things in return for a tasty treat. In fact, whilst he has been at Dogs Trust Manchester he has attended Dogs Trust Dog School and passed with flying colours, so he knows all the basics and can’t wait to show off his new skills to his new family. Noah would like a quiet home with few visitors and no visiting children as he can be a little unsure of new people. He will need his new family to continue with his training, which he always enjoys, and he would like to live in a quieter area, with a secure garden so he can play to his heart’s content without being worried by people passing by

Domino at Dogs Trust Darlington is a sensitive five-year-old Lurcher who’s been at the centre for more than a year and half and is in dire need of a loving home. Shy at first, Domino is shy, but makes the ultimate best-friend once he’s got to know you. He loves to go on play dates with other dogs and would do well in an adult-only home where he can keep his training going, perhaps with other pups

Domino is a gently soul, who shines by his loyalty and love of cuddles. He’s love an owner who can stay with him all day and take him on many, many walks

Sian is a seven-year-old Shar Pei who has been looking for her forever home since August 2019 at Dogs Trust Evesham. While deaf, Sian is a quick learner who loves to be taught new things. She’s currently undergoing sign language training and is doing very well. She enjoys the company of people but does best when left alone, and would need a family that respects her private space

Sian loves toys and food, and they’re a sure way to her heart. While not fluffy or cute like some other dogs, she is a loyal and fun pet who would do well with a family that can take the time to go on with her sign language training

Rex is a handsome boy who likes a little fuss and affection with those he knows but also appreciates having his own space. Rex loves a game of fetch! He has bags of energy and heaps of potential, he also finds food very rewarding so would benefit from a home who want to spend time teaching him new tricks in addition to his current collection of skills. Rex is looking to find an adult only home as the only pet

He is a bright lad with lots of energy who would suit an active home where he has a secure garden to run in and would benefit from additional training to keep him busy as well as plenty of walks

Monty is a five-year-old Lurcher who initially arrived at the West Calder Rehoming Centre as a stray, and through no fault of his own, he has now been living at the centre for nearly two years. He is a lovable boy who has boundless joy and love to bring to a family of his own. Monty loves everyone and making new friends and he absolutely adores his family and spending time with them. He loves to play with his toys, go for walks with his family and snuggling up on the sofa – he’d sit on your knee if he could fit

Monty is friendly, affectionate and loves a tummy rub! Monty loves human companionship so much that he finds it hard to be apart from them and needs someone who can be home with him throughout the day. Monty is looking for understanding owners with previous experience with breeds like his. Living in a calm and loving adult only home, will allow him to settle in and relax. Monty has a sweet and loving nature and he is sure to make a wonderful companion

Boycey is a three-year-old Lurcher, who’s looking for his special forever home. He’s an active chap who loves to get outside for interesting walks where he can have a good sniff and explore his environment. Boycey enjoys meeting people and making new friends, he loves a fuss and is always ready to show you how clever he is, especially for the odd tasty treat or two. This handsome lad would need to be the only dog in the home. Due to his high energy level, we would recommend that any children in the home be aged 11 years and above, and comfortable around dogs of this size. Any time alone would need to be built up gradually once Boycey is happy and settled in his new home. Being an outdoors kinda guy, he will need a good-size, secure garden where he can explore and play safely off-lead. This adorable young man has a huge heart and lots of love to give his new forever family.

 Arthur is a six-year-old Hound Cross with a cheeky character that is hard not to love. He’s an active boy whose favourite pastimes are keeping busy with lots of fun enrichment, playing with his favourite canine chums and investigating on his walks. Arthur has come on leaps and bounds since his arrival in our care but still has a sensitive side. While it will take multiple visits to our centre to get to know him, gaining his friendship will be a truly rewarding experience. Arthur feels at his happiest when in the company of other dogs. He must share his home with another easy-going dog who can act as a good role model and help to bring out his confidence. He will need to live with no more than three adults and have minimal visitors to the household. Arthur’s perfect home would be somewhere peaceful, with a garden of his own. He cannot live with cats.

Jasper is a loving and affectionate four-year-old Lurcher who loves playing with toys and is even happier if his two-legged friends are involved. He is a sensitive soul and doesn’t like being left home alone so he would like his new owners to be around all the time at first, particularly until he understands he is in his forever home. He has a few canine companions at Dogs Trust Leeds who he is happy to go on a walk with, but he’d like to the only pet in the home so he can lap up all the love on offer. After an interesting walk he likes to chill out and can often be found sprawled on his back having an afternoon snooze

Nelly is a sweet but sensitive girl who is looking for a fairly quiet home with new owners who will give her plenty of time to settle into her new environment. She will need to be the only pet in her new home but may be able to socialise with dogs when out on her walks. She has lived in a home previously and is hoping to get back to her home comforts soon

Nelly is housetrained and can be left alone for a few hours as long as she has something to occupy her. She is happy to travel in the car so would be up for an adventure. She’d like an adult only home and owners who can visit her several times before bringing her home

Bobby Husky is a four-year-old Siberian Husky who has been at Dogs Trust for over 620 days. Excitable and sensitive, Bobby is looking for experienced owners to take him home for Christmas

Bobby is looking for a small forever family who can take the time to get to know him, and let him settle. He loves to run and play with other dogs, but would do better being the only pet in the house

Milo is an 18-month-old Boxer Cross who attracts attention wherever he goes, as he is a very handsome boy. He is an extrovert and has a huge personality – he loves nothing more than to keep everyone entertained but sometimes he doesn’t quite know what to do with all his energy so he’d like his new owners to help him become the best he can be. This bouncy, loveable boy would like a quiet home with a secure garden so he can play to his heart’s content and he would like to live in an adult only home so his new owners have got time to carry on with his training.

The team at Dogs Trust Loughborough would like his new family to live within travelling distance of the centre so they can meet him a few times before he heads home, and the team can help them with his training – particularly getting him to understand the joys of chilling out

If you think you can give a dog a loving home, please call Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292 or visit 

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