Sex toy company offers four days of ‘self-love’ to enjoy ORGASMS

Sex toy company offers employees four ‘self-love’ days off a year to enjoy ORGASMS – and it insists ALL UK workplaces should do the same to boost productivity

  • Sex toy brand Lelo UK have announced they are giving staff ‘self-love’ days
  • They want to encourage employees to have more orgasms to increase happiness
  • According to a report it found that after climaxing Brits are happier and their productivity increases by an average of 10-20 per cent

A sex toy company that believes its productivity is boosted by employees having more orgasms has introduced an extra four days holiday a year purely for ‘self-love’.

The self-love days follow the format of duvet days, but with a twist: employees are encouraged to take the day to fulfil themselves sexually and have plenty of orgasms. 

Whether it’s alone or with a partner, LELO believes that offering employees days off dedicated to sexual pleasure will improve happiness, reduce stress and ultimately improve the productivity of its workforce.

What’s more the brand, which is the first in the world to introduce such a scheme, insists that firms all over Britain should follow its lead and introduce self-love days for their employees.

The move comes after research by LELO found that climaxes could actually help add a whopping £90billion to the economy.

Lelo UK carried out research and found that an orgasm would help increase productivity among employees because the happier they were the better their work

Almost four in five Brits say they felt happier and less stressed after having an orgasm and almost two thirds said they were more productive at work the next day.

The study, which draws on existing academic research as well as original research commissioned by LELO UK, found that happiness is a major driver of productivity, with 94 per cent of people agreeing that the happier they are, the more productive they are at work. 

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Rosanna Spero, author of The Economy of Orgasms report said: ‘Researching the link between productivity and happiness and then linking this to the effects of an orgasm on our body and brain has been fascinating. 

‘When you unpick the figures and discover if we had more of them, the UK’s GDP could rise by as much as £90 billion the arguments for “staying in” more are compelling. It is very rare something free can be so effective.’  

The sex toy brand is encouraging its own employees to take ‘self-love’ days, like a duvet day but dedicated to sexual pleasure which will improve happiness, reduce stress and ultimately improve the productivity of its workforce

According to the research, when Britons are happier, their productivity increases by an average of 10-20 per cent. 

Teach girls about orgasms at school, says Labour MP 

Last week, Labour MP Jess Phillips called for girls to be taught about orgasms in sex education classes at schools.

The mother-of-two, who is the MP for Birmingham Yardley, says it’s important for pupils to learn about sexual pleasure to close the ‘orgasm gap.’

Her remarks come as it was revealed that only 65 per cent of straight women ‘usually or always orgasm’ during sex compared to 95 per cent of men.

In an interview with Grazia magazine, Mrs Phillips, 37, said: ‘Women’s expectations should be greater, we have to start demanding more.’

She clarified that she wasn’t suggesting ‘we go into schools and teach children how to masturbate’.

But she added that girls should be taught about orgasms in school.

Translating this to the workplace, a 10 per cent rise in output from each UK worker would mean the nation potentially making £129.13 more per week, per person. 

That means if every one of the 32.4 million people working in the UK increased their productivity by ten per cent this could add £3.5 billion a week to productive output.

One action that can be relied upon to give individuals a fix of happiness every time is orgasms and over three quarters of the 2,000 Britons surveyed by Lelo this year, said orgasms make them happier, whether they have them alone or with a partner. 

According to the research, two thirds of Britons say that they feel more productive after having an orgasm, with 40 per cent believing they benefit from the happiness and productivity-boosting effects of an orgasm for up to five days afterwards.

Rachael Nsofor spokesperson from Lelo UK says: ‘We know that sexual well-being is just as important as balancing physical and mental health. 

‘With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to find out how this really impacts people’s day-to-day life and to explore what benefits could arise from the people in the UK having more opportunities to explore their bodies regularly.

‘We hope our UK staff use them to do whatever they want to explore their happiness and what makes them tick with the hope that they’ll come to work the next day with a spring in their step and be as productive as possible.”  

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