September 20 – On this day – 25 years since Southall rail crash

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An inquiry into the accident found the passenger train’s automatic warning system was disabled.

76 years ago (1946) The first Cannes Film Festival was held after being delayed for seven years during the Second World War.

It got off to a bit of a shaky start as technical problems led to Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious being shown in reverse order. Meanwhile, The Three Musketeers was projected upside-down.

44 years ago (1978) Police launched an investigation into the killing of paperboy Carl Bridgewater, 13, who was shot in the head at a farm house near Stourbridge, West Midlands.

In 1979 four men were convicted of his murder and sent to jail.

In February 1997 the three surviving men were freed by the Court of Appeal after their original trial was ruled to be unfair.

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