Selena Gomez’s Trainer Taught Me the Simplest Arm Workout & It Seriously Works

Have you ever heard of arm dancing? I definitely hadn’t, but celebrity trainer Amy Rosoff Davis assured me that after trying the at-home and equipment-free easy arm workout routine, my biceps and triceps would never, ever forget it. Cut to the burn I felt in the middle of our first set, and I knew she was right.

I was visiting with the workout pro (who works with celebs like Selena Gomez and Kristin Bell) to learn more about her partnership with the sports drink Halo, her philosophy on fitness, and hopefully a few workout moves I could incorporate into my own routine. As you can imagine, I came prepared with, like, eight years’ worth of fitness questions, and my top query was something I’ve been unsuccessfully googling for years: The best exercises to tone my arm muscles.

Arm dancing was her answer. 

As the name suggests, Davis told me that arm dancing is basically just completing different dance moves with your arms over and over and over again. During each move, you’re activating muscles in your arms, and you’re usually doing that same move with high reps.


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An example is holding your arms out straight on either side of you (to create a T) and tracing small circles with your hands. Another example is holding your arms out straight on either side of you (creating that same T shape) and gently pulsing your hands back, as if you’re tapping someone behind you. The workout video of Davis below will give you a few visual examples of arm dancing. 


I had the honor of collaborating with the amazing @luminhero this past weekend. I had so much fun and sweat so hard! Challenge yourself today with this workout! ❤️ ?LUMINHERO SESSION? Do the following exercises for 8 repetitions each Complete 3-4 rounds of ✖️Ballet jumping jacks ✖️Squat to outer thigh lift ✖️Arm Dancing ✖️Lunge jumps with ballet arms ✖️Lunge kicks holding 2nd position arms ✖️Ballet jumping jacks ✖️Lunge jumps with 1st to second arms

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“I include arm dancing in almost every one of my client’s workouts typically in the middle or end of my program,” she told me. “I see such a transformation of people who will do it every single session, and have clients who are now obsessed. I usually suggest starting out with one song’s worth of movements, working up to arm dancing for two full songs.”


They key to really feel the burn, Davis said, is to reach all the way through your middle fingers to activate all your muscles. “Arm dancing is a really great way of toning your arms without bulking them,” she said. “These dance motions are great for leaning, lengthening, and toning the arm.”


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I tried arm dancing at the very end of my 1:1 workout with Davis. While I was tired from the mix of yoga, Pilates, and cardio we had just completed, I didn’t really expect arm dancing to be all that hard. It looks easy! I followed Davis’s arm pulsing movements and arm circles for close to 30 reps each. It was so hard, I couldn’t keep my arms lifted the entire time. I had to drop my arms down and pick them back up to complete the moves. 


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While dumbbells are my go-to when I’m at the gym, arm dancing will definitely be the workout routine I turn to when it’s too cold to walk to the gym, or when I’m traveling and am dying to get in some exercise. Like I said, my biceps will never forget that burn. 

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